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  1. 1shott

    Dusty Hill, ZZ Top bassist, dead at 72

    My favorite band in 1984, ZZTOP cranking out the pioneer 4 way speakers in 71 Lemans sport 2 door with its 455 making that low rumbling sound, man those were the days.
  2. 1shott

    My saving grace...

    I wish you nothing but the best GED, I did keto for a few months in 2018, lost about 50 pounds, ended up in the ER one night with one hell of what turned out to be a kidney stone. Doc said it was brought on by my diet and coffee intake. Be careful with that diet.
  3. 1shott

    Parents cancelled by their own children

    Thats how its done.
  4. 1shott

    drivers license stoopidity

    UPDATE. My renewal license, real ID, came in today. 11 days after I renewed at a tag agent.
  5. 1shott

    SHAPIRO: Transgender Parent Tries To Breastfeed Child in BIZARRE Viral Video

    Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Leviticus 18:22 You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.
  6. 1shott

    Restored B-29 takes to the air

    Inspiring. Living history.
  7. 1shott

    drivers license stoopidity

    I have 3 copies of my birth certificate, from california, they are each stamped in red ink certified copy, must be stamped in red ink. Thankfully I have no problems with it, either for a passport 23 years ago that I never renewed or the new dl garbage.
  8. 1shott

    Why do we need cell phones

    Honestly there was a time when I thought I would never have a cell phone. Now that I do I love it. I take my number with me no matter where I move to. Convenience, if I need to make a call I can, send a text , email etc. Heck I even signed loan papers from my bank on mine. I can look up...
  9. 1shott

    I see we're getting some storms this evening.

    It came a toad strangler last night. Woke me up from a good sound sleep, yards a mess now, oh well will wait a few days for things to dry out a bit and hit it again.
  10. 1shott

    The Great Resignation of 2021

    The over the top political correctness, all of it gets old, I cant recall what group gets celebrated this month.
  11. 1shott

    The Great Resignation of 2021

    Yup pretty much.
  12. 1shott

    The Great Resignation of 2021

    Damn sorry to hear that buddy. My previous employer did that to anyone with 20 years or more in, I watched one by one as we were picked off for little things. I knew I was on borrowed time, one monday morning after getting yelled at for something that happened on a night shift over the weekend...
  13. 1shott

    The Great Resignation of 2021

    On the flip side companies have little to no loyalty to their employees, esp those who are long term employees. I dont bounce around jobs, previous job was 23 years, current going on 15 in a few months.
  14. 1shott

    The Great Resignation of 2021

    I am thinking of looking elswhere for work, or even starting my own business. Theres a saying, most employees do not quit a job, they quit a manager.
  15. 1shott

    drivers license stoopidity

    Well I went and renewed my license today. Found a tag agent out of town who takes walk ins and will do as many as they can in a day. I had no wait time, walked in, handed over the documents they needed, got my picture taken, dear god I am ugly, fingerprints, signed a e pad, handed over the cash...
  16. 1shott

    drivers license stoopidity

    never mind the fact that for years I have had to give up finger prints when I have renewed my license why all the extra bs? my prints say it’s me or it’s not
  17. 1shott

    drivers license stoopidity

    Thats what I was told by a co worker is on month 2 of waiting for license to be mailed to her. She has the paper one and her old one while waiting for her new one LOL.
  18. 1shott

    My buddy just sent this to me.

    At this point in my life I have one thing to say. **** em
  19. 1shott

    drivers license stoopidity

    Looks like I will start the process next week sometime, at a tag agency out of town that takes walk ins. Then when I leave I get to leave a paper temp license and wait for my new license to come in the mail. I called Stitts office about this, they passed the blame back to Fallen, I get it...
  20. 1shott

    Naked Man Sporting A Penis Enters Female Area

    Why is she presuming that persons gender? The left and the degenerates demanded this "equality" and freedom, well nows the time to pay up.
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