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  1. O4L

    Is it legal to purchase alcohol online?

    Hmmm... I wonder if we can order from Byron's or any other liquor store here in the state and have it shipped to our home or work address.
  2. O4L

    Am I missing out by not having a pump 22

    I had a pump 22 rifle when I was a kid. It was an old Winchester, if I remember correctly, with an octagon barrel. I put thousands of rounds through that rifle, mostly shorts because they were cheaper. It got to where I couldn't miss with that thing but unfortunately it got stolen along with...
  3. O4L


  4. O4L

    Meme it up butter cup

    They sure help when you have a sore throat and a stuffy head. I had one just the other evening because my allergies are maxed out right now.
  5. O4L

    Dusty Hill, ZZ Top bassist, dead at 72

    One of my all time favorites. If you like it slow and bluesy...
  6. O4L

    Dusty Hill, ZZ Top bassist, dead at 72

    I saw them in concert a few times. I have most of their early albums. If you haven't heard their early stuff you need to take a listen.
  7. O4L

    Anybody get anything cool that is gun-related today?

    I used to do things like that until I busted a gut. Now I try to leave most of the heavy lifting to the younger guys. I still make a pretty good supervisor though. :D
  8. O4L

    Eat N Shoot get together, Big Boys gun range, 8/14/21 @ 0900

    Yeah I figure if I'm not showing up there'll be a better turn out. At least there will be more room at the table. :D I'll be ready to shoot up that .38 when it cools down...a bunch!
  9. O4L

    Oklahoma City For Sale Only

    The ad specifically states that they are $700 each.
  10. O4L

    What are these rims worth?

  11. O4L

    Eat N Shoot get together, Big Boys gun range, 8/14/21 @ 0900

    I've only been there once a few years ago but it was good. I had the fried chicken and okra IIRC, and of course a beer or three.
  12. O4L

    Tapatalk Help/Issues.

    It is my understanding that it will not return because of security issues. Maybe someday they can make it work for us again but I sure wouldn't hold my breath.
  13. O4L

    OSA loading VERY slowly

    Seems to be working better now.
  14. O4L

    Eat N Shoot get together, Big Boys gun range, 8/14/21 @ 0900

    I have to work that day but you guys have fun!
  15. O4L

    OSA loading VERY slowly

    Is it just me?
  16. O4L

    2007 Chevy issues

    Back in the old days depending on the type of oil and the miles on the engine, it wasn't all that uncommon for the oil pressure to drop some when everything warmed up and it would rise with the rpms. It was my understanding that as long as you had ten pounds of pressure for every 1000 rpms you...
  17. O4L

    New ENS (Eat n Shoot) thread

    Added 'Eat n Shoot' to the title for the uninitiated. :D
  18. O4L

    Is it legal to purchase alcohol online?

    So you guys are saying that hard liquor can now be legally shipped to your front door here in Oklahoma? If so, that is news to me. If we can get it shipped to our door from anywhere, then why in the heck can't we buy it in gas stations and grocery stores! I'm gonna have to get my people on...
  19. O4L

    Taurus G2C For sale

    It appears to be a Taurus 9mm, but yes, more info is needed. OP should edit the title to show brand and model of " Fire Arm".
  20. O4L

    Glock 48 magazine options

    The steel mag catch is less than $30 last time I looked and there are package deals on two or three gen2 mags plus the steel mag catch where the mag catch is basically free.
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