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  1. Mad Professor


    And yet another reason it sucks to lose it.
  2. Mad Professor

    The look of the new OSA…

    Tapatalk doesn’t work with the classifieds because it is a non-native plug-in. Posting an ad or leaving trade feedback was about the only reason I ever accessed the forum outside of Tapatalk. The classified add-on has it own group of problems. Tapatalk allows me go to one page and see a list...
  3. Mad Professor

    The look of the new OSA…

    It sounds like that is the direction they are intending. I hope they change their mind on it.
  4. Mad Professor

    The look of the new OSA…

    It allows me a quick link to it. However, I don’t have all the functionality I’ve came to prefer that Tapatalk gives me following a dozen or so forums. Historically, the juice hasn’t been worth the squeeze to me and after a few months I just quit checking the non-TT forums unless I’m looking...
  5. Mad Professor

    The look of the new OSA…

    That sucks. I’m afraid this will make me lose a bit of interest in participating. The last one that happened to me on was Brian Enos forums. I now only access it every 4-6 weeks instead of multiple times a day.
  6. Mad Professor

    The look of the new OSA…

    @Support Dev Is Tapatalk support returning?
  7. Mad Professor

    Only 1 box lol

    I’m ok with one a “one box” limit as long as I choose the box.
  8. Mad Professor

    Any interest in Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum pics?

    It’s on Hwy 81 as you go north out of town. I pass it quite often going to the gun range there.
  9. Mad Professor

    Any interest in Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum pics?

    There used be a great collection of them at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas. If I remember correctly they called the one room the “Cord Room” or “Duesenberg Room”. It had a huge bar in it. I always made it a point to stop in every few years.
  10. Mad Professor

    S&W Pro series?

    All that was raw was where it was cut. I don’t see any reason to remove the entire finish to mill it. Only to refinish it. Some refinish only where milled, but I’d have to see how that transition works out. The Melonite of the m&P is very durable. This is the best picture I have without...
  11. Mad Professor

    S&W Pro series?

    I had Floyd’s in Blanchard Idaho mill my slide. I would have chosen Jagerwerks if they were making 509T cuts (or I was cutting it for RMR/507C, and have them Black Nitride it at the same time. Floyd’s is limited to Cerakote. Because the slide is stainless, I chose to leave it raw and I can deal...
  12. Mad Professor

    S&W Pro series?

    It is better than using a plate “IF” the right person is doing the work and “IF” you are committed to the optic platform you are milling it for. It is also much lower than a factory system, I’m lower 1/3 (or 1/4) co-witnessing with a factory height sight using a 509T. I’m extremely picky and...
  13. Mad Professor

    S&W Pro series?

    I’m not up with M&P changes the last year or so like I was prior. But, I’ve never seen a ported one that was not a performance center gun. In the 1.0s the pro series were available in 4.25 and 5” and has a slightly better trigger and night sights. The 4.25 had “pro series” laser engraved...
  14. Mad Professor

    Item Gone: FT 500 Federal 215M Primers for Small Pistol Primers

    I’ll swap with you if we can do it after the weekend.
  15. Mad Professor

    Oklahoma City FS Dillon 550 9mm conversion kit

    Sorry, I usually only deal with established members here. I sometimes make exceptions, but I’ll have to pass. Good luck with your search.
  16. Mad Professor

    Rangemaster Firearms Instructor Development, Dallas, TX

    Agree! Great class and facility. Highly recommended to take yourself to a higher level.
  17. Mad Professor

    2a outdoors ?

    I was told a month or two ago they were selling it all out a d dropping the reloading sales. Edit. Found the message. It was in January.
  18. Mad Professor

    Glock 30 Gen 4

    Yes. I run the 9 round magazines with the Pearce +1 extensions to fix the problem.
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