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  1. Snattlerake

    James Bond

    The new James Bond movie out in November. I couldn't even watch the trailer it's so full of CG crap. It's not even interesting anymore. The old Bond movies were at least plausible but the CG stunts and crap in this one is just too over the top.
  2. Snattlerake

    Ar bolt help needed

    Me either. I coulda used that tool a few months ago. I had a double feed up above the BCG and even above the gas tube. Never saw anything like it and I carried an M16 for years.
  3. Snattlerake

    OU and Texas to the SEC?

    I'll bet the Big 12 is disbanded within 10 years.
  4. Snattlerake

    Better Lay In a Supply Of Firewood, It's Gonna Get Cold

    I want some of what you're drinkin.
  5. Snattlerake

    Nighttime military drone flyover?

  6. Snattlerake

    Got reminded why our flag is so important again today

    Every time I pass one of those markers naming someone I take a picture or write it down then look it up later. Some of the stories are amazing. It always reminds me of Provo's Privy.
  7. Snattlerake

    Cat "fishing"

    So instead of you getting cat scratch fever and swelling up when bitten or scratched by a cat...
  8. Snattlerake

    Meme it up butter cup

  9. Snattlerake

    Got reminded why our flag is so important again today

    Precisely my point. The media, schools major corporations, sports, et al have been corrupted by a very small percentage of folks who lambast you into accepting their way of thinking. Then they start taking little bites and force you into submission/participation. Then they keep making...
  10. Snattlerake


  11. Snattlerake

    Got reminded why our flag is so important again today

    Wifey said today the viewership was down 30 percent from last time and was commenting it was from the disrespecting of our country by our athletes. I have heard a bunch of news people and disc jockeys state on the air they will not support the so called woke athletes and hope they lose their...
  12. Snattlerake

    sunset cloud formation dissipation

    This was my special sunrise in Hooker, Oklahoma. I still look at it in awe. I have never before or since seen a 360 degree sunrise such as this. I showed these pictures to a farmer friend of mine who commissioned a 9 foot wide oil painting of this for his model car collection he has in his man...
  13. Snattlerake

    sunset cloud formation dissipation

    Must have been the heat generated by the sun causing land evaporation and when that was gone so were the clouds.
  14. Snattlerake

    How do I get rid of the thread view limitations requiring me to "view more"?

    Yes I have. What if people want more than ten? Not being difficult it's just we can play this what if all day. Is it a feature for phone users?
  15. Snattlerake

    How do I get rid of the thread view limitations requiring me to "view more"?

    Laptop with Windows 10 and Chrome When I click on What's New I only get ten threads then this at the bottom. When I click on view more I get 50 threads total on one page.
  16. Snattlerake

    What kind of tree is this??

    Us'n old timers sure know why, nudge, nudge. Green Persimmons!
  17. Snattlerake

    OSA Chit Chat Thread

    Gadsden, right next to Fort Mclellan where I took the MP Officer's Basic Course in 79. I remember this real loudmouth guy hawking cars on the TV. He told everyone to drive it in, push it in, roll it in, carry it in, as long as they don't have to feed it, he'll take anything in trade. He was a...
  18. Snattlerake

    How do I get rid of the thread view limitations requiring me to "view more"?

    Every time I click on a different action such as New Posts or What's New I get a limited number of posts to look at. I have to click on View More tab at the bottom then the whole screen refreshes and I have to scroll down past all the posts I've already looked at. Is there a setting to stop...
  19. Snattlerake

    ABC News Crime Special Cites Outlet that Counts Self-Defense Shootings as Gun Violence

    SHOTSPOTTER Evidence data changed to fit police investigation so they can persecute, ahh, prosecute man who dropped off gunshot victim at hospital. https://www.abajournal.com/news/article/pds-say-modified-shotspotter-coordinates-were-used-to-implicate-client-is-it-a-widespread-problem The...
  20. Snattlerake

    OU and Texas to the SEC?

    Y'all better get used to seeing a blue field.
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