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    Bedbugs, rubbing alcohol and fire do not mix

    A 31-year-old woman in Pontiac, Michigan discovered bedbugs in her car (hmmm??????) and had a panic attack. She decided to get rid of the critters the old fashioned way by pouring rubbing alcohol on them and lighting it but set herself on fire at the same time. The unnamed patient was taken to...
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    Ron Popeil dead at 86

    "It slices, it dices, it Juliannes!"
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    OU and Texas to the SEC?

    Considering the math skills of some college graduates today that would probably confuse the hell out of 'em.
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    Gunman Stoned To Death

    Get a chisel and go to work, make those rocks have a bayonet lug and a shoulder thing. Then they will be "pre-ban" rocks and worth a lot more.
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    Giving GunBroker A Try

    If you can find a really big box (like an appliance came in), you might be able to measure the size you need, cut the cardboard accordingly and then fold it inside out (so plain cardboard is facing out). Then put the factory Remington box inside and tape it up really, really good maybe? Just...
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    REMARMS New Production

    One of the gun rags reported that after Remington bought out Marlin, at trade shows Remington would have Marlin lever actions on display -- that were made under the previous ownership (i.e. they did not display lever actions made under Remington ownership of Marlin).
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    Glock 19 (Gen 5) or Sig P365XL....?

    If you can find a range that rents handguns maybe try both. There's cost and inconvenience but it might save you money in the long run.
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    Looking for someone w/ Birthday 07 26 2011

    I'll bumpity bump this. I don't know anybody with that b-day (try to forget my own!) but that's very neighborly of you sir.
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    OU and Texas to the SEC?

    Know little about college football but the theory above makes sense that OU doesn't really want to go to another conference but wants more money. ETA negotiating tactic
  10. H

    OU and Texas to the SEC?

    Business is business.
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    Jokes in really, REALLY bad taste ...

    A young man wanted to get into the show business so he packed a suitcase and headed for New York City. He took acting classes and worked a bunch of dead-end jobs trying to get a role on stage until one night he excitedly called his parents. His dad answered the phone and the young man told his...
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    The Hypocrisy of the Rich.

    Yeah if you pay enough hush money to certain political causes -- umm I mean buy some "carbon credits" to "offset" your wicked, evil pollution then the critics will leave you alone, probably even hold you up as a fine example for others to follow. I bet you can make a public statement regretting...
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    1911 For My Father

    I will catch flak for this but consider getting one in 9mm. IMO they are a lot more fun to shoot (on both wallet and hand) than the .45 ACP. (I guess I'm un-American!)
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    Ammo Price Gouging Needs To Stop!

    I'm an eternal optimist, hoping for under $10 for 50 rounds of factory new 9mm FMJ. (Haven't been smoking anything either, I'm just HOPING!)
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    Ammo Price Gouging Needs To Stop!

    Hate to be a Negative Nancy but with inflation from all the money printing going on, even if things return to "normal" for ammo I will be surprised to see widespread prices anywhere near as low as before. 😞
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    My saving grace...

    I agree it sure needs something. LOL. Seems worse than broccoli to me. Green veggies (other than sweet peas) are pretty healthy and I try to eat them exclusively.
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    The Hodgdon site has lots of Accurate powder

    Thanks for posting. I am surprised, didn't know they carried Accurate powders.
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    Pic of shot foot........not for the squeamish.

    A little mercurochrome will fix that right up. Not.
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    My saving grace...

    Wanted to add, best wishes to OP. And I've recommended before but if anybody needs a short book about low carb lifestyle, I liked the ORIGINAL version of "Sugarbusters" from the 1990s (later version of the book was longer but didn't add much for me). It's a quick read by some doctors at Tulane...
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    My saving grace...

    I have not done true keto but I've done very low carbs and lost a lot of weight (unfortunately put some of it back on during "these unprecedented times" of COVID). Everybody thought I was a beer swigging fool when I was really big but I never could stand the rotten smell. Soda pops were where I...
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