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Search Results

  1. chuter

    Heated Gun Debate Between Colion Noir & Co-Founder of Gun Control Organization

    I made it thru 15 minutes then couldn't stand the moronic ramblings of Rosenthal.
  2. chuter

    sunset cloud formation dissipation

    And here's our fake owl watching the sunset
  3. chuter

    sunset cloud formation dissipation

    Took these from the backyard yesterday evening over a span of about 15 minutes. That big formation just fell apart.
  4. chuter

    Four Officers Testify About January 6, 2021 Capitol Riot

    I wonder what effect this kangaroo court will have on those languishing in jail for this "attack".
  5. chuter

    Anyone hear this song? If not you have to!

    Count me in
  6. chuter

    Biden 2020

    I think it was China...
  7. chuter

    Why does my dog

    Dogs are hilarious. One of ours likes to take my wife's pajamas outside; he doesn't chew them up or bury them, just takes them outside. He will occasionally take a sock out and bury it.
  8. chuter

    What do you think this new law will do to crime and do you think it will survive the year?

    We'll see how natural consequences play out. Glad I don't live there.
  9. chuter

    Deadly bird Disease spreading across US

    We've only seen bluebirds once this year. We have a bluebird house that has been busy for several years, but nothing this year. Two birds checked it out one day, never saw them again.
  10. chuter

    .50 BMG vs strongest padlock in the world

    That is one strong padlock!
  11. chuter

    Cleveland Indians wimped out

    Whatever they say it's about, it's really about something else. It's not about the name, it's about intimidation.
  12. chuter


    Today at Hefner I got a small walleye and the biggest fish I've ever caught; 5.5lb catfish. I know it's not that big in the grand scheme of catfish, but it was fun.
  13. chuter

    Smart Car

    Yep, :thumbup3:
  14. chuter

    Smart Car

    Those things just don't look stable to me; very short wheel base, narrow and tall, looks really scary seeing one going down the highway.
  15. chuter

    Some days!

    Sorry about your day Rick. If you've never messed with replacing a side window, be prepared to possibly find a new limit to your frustration. Especially if it's hot and humid outside. I highly recommend paying someone to do it for you.
  16. chuter

    Biden and the 9mm

    I can only hope the backlash will be severe and ever lasting.
  17. chuter


    Caught about 10 of these guys yesterday at Lake Elmer, then got skunked at Carl Blackwell this morning.
  18. chuter

    SHAPIRO: Transgender Parent Tries To Breastfeed Child in BIZARRE Viral Video

    the person who decided it was a good idea to give these people a baby is just as bad as these idiots.
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