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  1. mightymouse

    Lawton FGST Lunch!

    Yes, indeed!
  2. mightymouse

    Oklahoma Shooters has made me better

    Allen, you're a damned good egg. Don't let anyone tell you different. They'd be lying anyway.
  3. mightymouse

    Even God thought it was a stupid idea

    Dirty rotten shame, ain't it?
  4. mightymouse

    Why do we need cell phones

    Short answer, we don't.
  5. mightymouse

    Any interest in Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum pics?

    1935 Duesenberg SJ dual cowl phaeton.
  6. mightymouse

    Any interest in Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum pics?

    I saw an SJ sell at auction for $225,000 back in the late seventies. Beautiful car, dual-cowl phaeton. Couldn't touch a Duesenberg for that nowadays.
  7. mightymouse

    Lawton FGST Lunch!

    Used to be. Haven't heard from 'em in a long while.
  8. mightymouse

    Lawton FGST Lunch!

    McKenzie's Burger Garage on the 'morrow. 11:30-11:45ish.
  9. mightymouse

    I'm BACK!

    Welcome back, Rhino! Still have the Walther .22 bolt gun?
  10. mightymouse

    OKC AR Shoot

    Most of the posts in this thread date back to 2009. Most of the folks posting then, aren't on here anymore.
  11. mightymouse

    Lawton FGST Lunch!

    Haven't been in months and months. Don't have a membership there currently.
  12. mightymouse

    Overheard at the gun counter....

    "I'm a convicted felon. How do I get a gun?"
  13. mightymouse

    Macy Gray on the American flag: 'I shouldn't have to salute it, I shouldn't have to honor it'

    Never heard of her, either. Didn't care enough to look her up. Still don't care what she thinks or why.
  14. mightymouse

    What idioms of speech annoy you?

    "Whatya doing, boss man?" "Thanks, boss!" Unless you are stupid enough to believe that my parents could have, or would have, named me either "boss man" or "boss", it is time to get off the plantation and grow up. I am not your boss if I'm asking you if I can help you.
  15. mightymouse

    The problem with politicians today...

    is not that some of them can be bought. It has always been that way, always will be. The problem today is that many politicians are so stupid that nobody wants to buy them.
  16. mightymouse

    Lawton FGST Lunch!

    Yes sir!
  17. mightymouse

    Lawton FGST Lunch!

    How about McKenzie's Burger Garage on Wednesday?
  18. mightymouse

    Overheard at the gun counter....

    "Do you have any more SCCY pistols? My uncle asked me to pick one up for him."
  19. mightymouse


    Happy belated birthday, my friend. Like some others, I was taking a break from the 'Net, but I hope you had a fine birthday, with many more to come.
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