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  1. beardking

    Oklahoma City Jeep JK stock wheels with MT tires

    Oops, I missed that part. Sorry about that. Asking $400 obo.
  2. beardking

    Oklahoma City  Jeep JK stock wheels with MT tires

    Set of 4 stock wheels from 2014 Jeep JK with 285/70/17 Ironman All Country MT tires. Tires only have about 15K miles on them and have plenty of life left in them (rotated every 5K miles). They are a bit noisy on pavement, but that's to be expected with mud tires. To fit on a stock JK, you'll...
  3. beardking

    Gun bunnies... do they know anything about guns?

    Taking the gun "bunny" name to heart. 😁
  4. beardking

    Gun range closes.

    Exactly my point. Discrimination of any sort is offensive.
  5. beardking

    Gun range closes.

    I just wonder how many people would have been ok if they put up a sign that said "No Christians"
  6. beardking

    Pics on this new forum?

    Any chance anyone is looking into this issue? I really hate having to use Chrome on my phone to upload pics of tattooed women on the exes thread. 😁
  7. beardking

    Gun bunnies... do they know anything about guns?

    I vote keep it going. Nothing better than hot chics with guns. I just don't have the never ending supply of pics like I do on the ex wife thread or is contribute more. 😁
  8. beardking

    Style choices for the apocalypse

    I'm going everywhere dressed like this. No one is going to want to come near me.
  9. beardking

    The official future ex-wife thread.

    Holy BUTTOCKS Batman!! I believe we have a winner. :-)
  10. beardking

    The official future ex-wife thread.

    KOPBET, I've found some that are perfect for you. 😁
  11. beardking

    The official future ex-wife thread.

    So nice I had to post it twice. 😁 (actually, I didn't notice that it posted twice until now, but I'm keeping it. 😁)
  12. beardking

    Norman / OKC area for catfish

    Oh no. Definitely not going there. Might be a high success rate, but they look at you funny if you practice catch and release. And since I'm not eating anything that swims for a living, I'm definitely in the release category. That's a lot of good information Dennis. I really appreciate it...
  13. beardking

    Just got this in my inbox. Anybody else?

    Woohooo!!! She stooped low enough to contact me. YAAAAAYYY
  14. beardking

    Why do we need cell phones

    To me, the worst part about my cell phone is that is has telephone capability. I DESPISE talking on the phone. I'd rather have my nether regions waxed and dipped in alcohol than talk on the phone. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of other people actually prefer to communicate that way. I...
  15. beardking

    Let's see them doggies!

    This is how you will most often find my 2 boxers.
  16. beardking

    Norman / OKC area for catfish

    My friend and I are wanting to get into catfishing. I've always enjoyed fishing, but never have done a whole lot of it. He has always been into bass fishing from a boat. Currently neither of us have access to a boat, so we are going to try our hands at bank catfishing. Only thing is we don't...
  17. beardking

    Random stuff you have made

    I highly recommend not forgetting the ammo rating for those and accidently shooting them with a 458 SOCOM. I folded one of mine in half doing that. 😊😊😊
  18. beardking

    Pics on this new forum?

    I've found that I can't upload pics using my Galaxy S21+ (android) using Dolphin browser. I have to use Chrome on order to upload pics (which I hate using on my phone)
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