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  1. bigred1

    Eat N Shoot get together, Big Boys gun range, 8/14/21 @ 0900

    Sorry, I forgot to put the @ thing in my post.
  2. bigred1

    Eat N Shoot get together, Big Boys gun range, 8/14/21 @ 0900

    I'm not for sure on that but if not they more than likely have ammunition for purchase. Druryj would know for sure about reloads though.
  3. bigred1

    OU and Texas to the SEC?

    Sorry, I read the part that said "including" Kansas and Kansas State wrong. I just breezed over that part.
  4. bigred1

    Anybody get anything cool that is gun-related today?

    So, what caliber is it?
  5. bigred1

    OU and Texas to the SEC?

    I read a while ago where Kansas and Kansas State are going to try and drag it out as long as possible.
  6. bigred1

    Pics on this new forum?

    Samsung phone
  7. bigred1

    Why does my dog

    Yes, yes she has but at least I've retained the title of craziest one in this house. 🤪
  8. bigred1

    Why does my dog

    I got so tired of watching my dog do that now when I fill her bowl I just grab some and pile it on the carpet myself.
  9. bigred1

    Got reminded why our flag is so important again today

    I see what you're saying now but I did read it differently at first. Thanks for explaining your point.
  10. bigred1


    Hello, glad you could make it.
  11. bigred1

    Oklahoma City S&W Model 64-5

    How uncouth, the least he could do is lowball you by PM...
  12. bigred1

    STI Staccato C

  13. bigred1

    Cat "fishing"

    Happy for your cat. Could have been a lot worse if you hadn't rushed in to (ahem) nip that when you did...
  14. bigred1

    South West OK FS Leupold Performance Eyewear Packout Series

    That's right good people one pair is sold. Just waiting on the USPS to do it's thing and I will be sporting some new fancy shooting glasses. Bumped it so I could boast a little. :hey3:
  15. bigred1

    Pics on this new forum?

    Just checked...you can click anyone's full size image too and use the arrow to go through every picture posted by every user on the page.
  16. bigred1

    Pics on this new forum?

    I'm not for sure if it was doing it on full size because I had know need to click on a full size picture but I know it was on thumbnail size and no it's not the same username associated with every picture. Every user that had a picture posted on that page came up when clicking on and using the...
  17. bigred1

    Pics on this new forum?

    So how come I can go to Firearms Chat then click on anybody get anything cool thread, look at one's persons post, click on that person's picture in the post and continue to use the arrow on that picture and see everyone's pictures for the whole page of posts?
  18. bigred1

    Eat N Shoot get together, Big Boys gun range, 8/14/21 @ 0900

    Don't worry man, lots of great people have attended these and all are more than happy to let you shoot their firearms and try ones you've never had a chance to try. Careful though you could/will get new gun fever and there's only one cure for that.
  19. bigred1

    Beretta 1301 Tactical or a Benelli M4 or a Benelli M2

    You don't need anything for it to be ready to go. If you want more magazine capacity go to freedom fighter tactical and take a look at the short video for explanation on adding new/different parts. It explains it very well.
  20. bigred1

    OSA loading VERY slowly

    I was out at the farm and I thought oh crap I can't move here..🤔
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