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  1. Tanis143

    Do your big-box stores treat you like a baby?

    Here is my thing: When I first started pricing firearms a few years ago I found that Academy had the best prices for the most part on handguns. With the exception of my EC9s (SCI) and my Taurus PT840 (at a gun show) I've bought all my handguns at Academy. When I bought my first Beretta PX4...
  2. Tanis143

    Do your big-box stores treat you like a baby?

    My employer has some rules that people dislike, especially when it comes to cable wiring in apartments. My saying is "If the policy I have to follow sounds weird or unlikeable, its because we have been sued for it in the past". Case in point: we can not staple cable lines up and over doorways...
  3. Tanis143

    Gonna get an AOC bumper sticker next…

    What if the shed identifies as male?
  4. Tanis143


    While that is true, I would personally prefer to relax via THC than alcohol. The last time I used weed was my first year of college (got all my partying out of my system before I went to West Point), but even then I recognized that after using weed I never had a hangover. I can't now days, my...
  5. Tanis143

    17 design and mfg billet lower $99

    Just picked up mine today. Was sad to find out 17 design doesn't have an upper for sale yet, I like to match both my upper and lower. Now onto pricing a 300 BO build.
  6. Tanis143

    Still buying Nike or do you even care?

    I'll still buy Nike simply because they are the only shoe I have found that holds up for me. I've tried others and they last maybe a year before falling apart but Nike's seem to last me longer. As for workboots, Redwings are ok, but I miss my Timberland Pro's. Unfortunately Timberland doesn't...
  7. Tanis143

    Did a little trip to Vegas recently

    Vegas can be a lot of fun, as long as you go with the right mentality. Only bring enough gambling money as you want to lose. Never, and I mean NEVER play megamillions, that game is cursed. Wife and I lived there for 3 years for me, 5 for her. Thankfully we have a timeshare with BlueGreen, so we...
  8. Tanis143

    17 design and mfg billet lower $99

    When the flag is displayed it will always have the field of stars "forward". So when the flag is on the right side of anything it will appear backwards. The reason for this is when in battle the flag will go forward as the army is advancing. Its a message that the stars and stripes will never...
  9. Tanis143

    Is anyone around here a bicycle expert?

    First, you might ask if the hub will generate enough torque to work with a larger wheel, could be the reason the largest one they sell is 19". As far as the rest of the parts, you might check out a local bike store. They may even be able to do the spoke job for you, which is a lot harder than it...
  10. Tanis143

    Is this a bullet hole and damage?

    I don't know, that looks more like a hole I make when I run coax. Especially since none of the material around the outside hole is pushed in, it definitely has a more drilled look than punched due to the lack of a deformity around the hole.
  11. Tanis143

    Could this be the cleansing ?

    Oh, you mean "Go-Litely". Never had to take it, but I've seen the... erm... effects when my FIL had to.... and that name is the biggest lie in marketing I've ever seen!
  12. Tanis143

    Hi folks!

    Welcome! And don't worry about disagreeing, just don't make my mistake and take it to the next level. That being said I ruffled a few feathers but still have found that I agree with a lot of people here on a lot of topics. All in all I've gotten a lot of good advice and even made the plunge into...
  13. Tanis143

    It's Time to Contact Senators

    Its been a while since our 2nd amendment has been under this large of an attack.
  14. Tanis143

    Ammo prices coming back down. Is this a harbinger of things to come?

    Might want to see a doctor about that.
  15. Tanis143

    Is the pistol brace ban ever going to happen???

    The problem was that Miller died before it went to the SCOTUS, and since he had no lawyer no one showed up to defend his side and the SCOTUS ruled in favor. Since then no one has really challenged it and/or SCOTUS has refused to accept another case like that while all the lower courts use Miller...
  16. Tanis143

    Flag / respect question

    It would be desecration to put a full sized flag on the floor of your trailer and park stuff on it, but not if you paint the image of the flag on the trailer. Using the image of our flag is fine (yes, even in ways that boil a patriot's blood), its when you use an actual flag that it becomes an...
  17. Tanis143

    Is there any group of people more grumpy, sour

    The ladies at Central Park Tag Agency (81st and Elm Pl) are usually very nice. Maybe not peppy, upbeat pooping rainbows type, but very nice when you talk to them. I've seen them close off when they get a Karen in there, but if you're nice they are nice.
  18. Tanis143

    Firearms insurance.

    Let me know what you find out, my home owners is also through USAA.
  19. Tanis143

    Oh for **** sake.. it only takes 1 to ruin it all.

    Ok, that I can get behind. Using the reference to tribal punishment made it sound like you were for community based punishment. We see how well that works now days. The ONLY drawback I see is that unless you have first hand knowledge of what stupid act was committed, you are relying on either...
  20. Tanis143

    Timothy Harper arrested..... finally! Idiot.

    Well considering he has been arrested for carrying the wrong type of gun in the wrong place, I think his lawyer finally schooled him.
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