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  1. Terry Pregler

    Walked away from an Armslist deal yesterday.

    Hah! Armslist deals… I met with a seller from armslist in February and after speaking with him for 30 seconds on the phone I knew all would be ok. He laid the law down on me as to where, when and how this transaction was going to happen. When we met up he took one look at me and said let’s do...
  2. Terry Pregler

    Coastal brown bear nearly kills Idaho hunters in Alaskan wilderness

    Here is proof of the effectiveness of the pistol as a self defense tool. I’m thinking mainly of the success of the service auto’s in 9mm, 40s&w, 45acp and 10mm. Notice how often their use resulted in the stopping of the attack but not always the death of the bear. As Col Jeff said “ the goal...
  3. Terry Pregler

    Remington 511 scoremaster

    PM inbound
  4. Terry Pregler

    Remington 511 scoremaster

    I am looking for the front sight, anyone have one for sale?
  5. Terry Pregler

    Who Still Carries a J-Frame, Glock 43, or other Low-Cap Handgun?

    One of my absolute favorite carry pieces. I think an action tune up is necessary as the stock springs make the pistol very difficult to shoot. I use the Wolff kit from brownells and brownells action lube to reduce the pull weight and slick it up. I think it’s a professional or enthusiast...
  6. Terry Pregler

    Working with the 25

    Enjoyed your post. I really like revolvers especially that one.
  7. Terry Pregler

    Meme it up butter cup

    When I saw this one I laughed thinking it was funny. But after looking at it for a moment reality set in along with sobering thoughts. Your looking at democratic leadership that intend to control this country and about half of the people who are in residence here believe they are the ones for...
  8. Terry Pregler

    Knife Making

    Nice work, I really like custom fixed blade knives.
  9. Terry Pregler

    Item Gone: FS/FT Mopar dual snorkel air cleaner

    Item Name: FS/FT Mopar dual snorkel air cleaner Location: Tulsa Zip Code: 74037 Item is for: Sale or Trade Sale Price: $200 Trade Value or Items Looking For: $200 Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Assembly was oem on Chrysler products from the 1972-74 era...
  10. Terry Pregler

    Any Glock People Actually like the Smith and Wesson M&P?

    No I haven’t yet but maybe soon.
  11. Terry Pregler

    Any Glock People Actually like the Smith and Wesson M&P?

    Like glocks, like m&p’s. Hate the m&p factory trigger. But as it’s already been said Apex parts can completely cure the trigger, now you’ve got something..
  12. Terry Pregler

    Talk to me about Kydex

    I have used a variety of holsters over the years and would like to comment here. Kydex is great for competition and general range work. Hybrid’s are cool because you can change plates for different pistols. I learned to stay with leather for street use for two reasons. 1. kydex holsters will...
  13. Terry Pregler

    Calling All 1911's

    1911 workout at rcgc indoor range. It’ll be the last one for a while as it’s shut down..
  14. Terry Pregler

    Coffee - A new discussion

    Black Rifle Coffee Company
  15. Terry Pregler

    Calling All 1911's

    Five inch aluminum frame Kimber custom cdp, loaded with 8 rounds of 230 grain on the scales. Weight with empty mag is 29 ounces.
  16. Terry Pregler

    Got a M1911 in 9mm ?

    Picked up a Ruger SR1911 LW Commander 9mm in March this year. About 500 rounds of factory ammunition all kinds. 1000 147 moly coated reloads. Pistol reliability with all ammo has been good. Wilson ETM mags contact the ejector upon seating so they’re a no go. Tripp Cobra mags work ok if you want...
  17. Terry Pregler

    Mouse guns - Primary & Secondary podcast with Claude Werner

    Good discussion, some thoughts of mine. The wizard drill was brought up, Shoot the wizard drill with your mouse gun, if you can’t pass this drill you’ve got some work to do. Training with them is so important because they are difficult to shoot well. I think that Mr W is correct regarding...
  18. Terry Pregler

    Item Gone: FS Gold's Gym XR 6.1 weight lifting bench

    I’ll take it, pm sent TP
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