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    Stillwater movie

    Has anyone watched the Stillwater movie yet? It won't be in my town till next week but if i get the time i would like to see it.A roughneck from Marlow showed Matt Damon the roughneck lifestyle while making the movie.I don't know Kenny Baker personally but i have heard good things about him.He...
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    Atwoods has glocks

    Thanks for the info Budman Bill.Big boys in Mustang has a G48 for $459.00.
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    GP100 Group Buy - 10 Years Ago

    I bought 2 of these about 15 years ago and put one in my safe and shot 100 rounds through the other one.
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    Glock 19 (Gen 5) or Sig P365XL....?

    I have a lot more glocks than sigs but i really like carrying the sigP365XL.For carry i would choose the sig.
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    Parents cancelled by their own children

    This family member should have been cut loose a long time ago.His morals and character really went downhill after being married to a liberal.Someone that has a few million and would cheat their own Mother out of a less than 500 dollars isn't someone that i want to have Thanksgiving with.Before...
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    Parents cancelled by their own children

    This hits very close to home right now.Even a close relative can be a piece of crap after living with a liberal for a few years.
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    Demonic' child throws 8-hour tantrum on Lufthansa flight

    In the 90s i had an instance where there was a loud kid on the plane.The pilot or co pilot came back and told the parent and kid he was going to land at the nearest airport and they could get off the plane or get in a cage for the rest of the trip.They were dropped off in Phoenix.
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    Ammo Price Gouging Needs To Stop!

    I bought 3 or 4 boxes every time i went to walmart.I would shoot 5 or 600 rounds per month and stash the same amount.I don't shoot as much as i use to but i am not standing in line to get ammo either.
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    Ammo Price Gouging Needs To Stop!

    I will pay up to 30 cents a round for new brass 9mm but that is my limit.If it goes below that i will start buying again, if not i will shoot 22.
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    Got a lot going on, could use some life advice?

    80% of the people that rent a home aren't going to treat it like the owner would.My grandparents rented homes and apartments for years and the majority of the time they spent 1000 -10,000 dollars after people moved out.It was a real headache for them.Sell it and be done with it.
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    The Walther PPK Is Not Very Good - video review

    The old design doesn't bother me.Not a pistol, but the browning auto 5 was made fro 1902-1998 and when i hunted alot that was the shotgun i took 80% of the time because it was so reliable.Also the 1911 has a pretty good reputation.
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    Ammo.....you can find it here.

    Murfs in Duncan has 9mm S&B for 23 dollars for a box of 50 or 440 dollars for a 1000 round case.When you ad tax that comes out to 50 cents a round which is more than i am willing to spend, but it is there if you want it.I was the Lawton academy recently and all i saw was steel case 9mm.
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    John Wick will be on syfy this wednesday

    I watch John Wick when i get the chance and noticed it will be on syfy Wednesday July 14th.I believe it is both 2 and 3.I was telling a neighbor about this and he said who is that? I really have no respect for people not familiar with John Wick.
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    How often do you sharpen mower blades, and to what extent?

    I use a file and ask one of the fat neighborhood kids to stand on it while i sharpen each edge.Then i check to make sure it is balanced as snattlerake pointed out.
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    HolsterPro leather holsters

    Never used Holster pro.I have a few DM Bullard and Nixon holsters that i like.They are owb leather and 100 dollars each.
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    Ammo.....you can find it here.

    Thanks for that report.If they gets some 9mm please let us know.Chickasha is the same distance as Lawton from me, but it has a lot less traffic.
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    Big Box Retailer Migration Plan

    If you have a family dollar store near you they are pretty decent.For a grocery store i go to Homeland.I go to walmart 4 times a year and that is to get prescriptions.I have ordered from Amazon twice.
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    So glad I didn't pick OU for my higher education.

    Resident Undergraduate Rates Research Universities Tuition Total Per Credit Hour University of Oklahoma $159.60 $302.08 OU Health Science Center $159.60 $251.33 Oklahoma State University $178.55 $300.60
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    S&W 686+ vs 19?

    I have a 686 talo edition with a 3 inch barrel that is very nice.I had an older model 19 that i was a little more accurate with but it was a 4 inch barrel.I had heard about the forcing cone problem so i seldom shot 357s through it.
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