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    Buddy dies from COVID ... Allegedly ...

    I don't have any friends ... 😂😂😂
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    Dallas fireman arrested for allegedly faking COVID for paid time off

    Yep ... I worked with a gal like that. First it was this kid ... Then it was that kid ... Then a grandchild ... She worked a couple months' time off outta the deal.
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    Per mile vehicle road used tax proposed.

    Oh boy ... They are gonna be disappointed in me. Lol I'm not sure exactly how many miles I drive but I can make a tank of gas last more than 60 but less than 90 days so it can't be much.
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    Hygiene is overrated.

    Lol ... No ... No it's not! 😂** ** your resident germaphobe ... 😉😁
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    Simone Biles withdrawals from more events

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    Simone Biles withdrawals from more events

    Ehhhh it's the OSA way. 😉 Personally I think she IS the best gymnast the world has ever seen, the Olympic Committee or judges or whoever runs that stuff ****ed her over HARD, and instead of crawling in a hole and feeling sorry for herself she stepped back and stayed to support her teammates...
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    Spray on bedliners.

    I'm just tagging to come back later and read. I need to do this to my old truck.
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    Some days!

    I'm pretty sure Grumpy feels your pain ... 🤦🤦🤦
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    How old were you when

    I was a late bloomer. 19
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    Surviving SHTF in Bosnia

    I don't even see myself as a "prepper" so much as someone who likes to garden and take care of her rabbits, and chickens and ducks and quail. I've 4 little baby ducks that are gonna be smoked duck in a few weeks and I've always wanted to try and render my own duck fat. I have a little pile of...
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    Ammo Price Gouging Needs To Stop!

    Oh dear Lord -- I've lost track of how many of you yahoos I've wheeled and dealed with ... And shot with ... And broke bread with ... And I also don't remember the last time I did a deal on OSA ... Oh wait ... Who did I sell that .22 to?? 🤔🤔🤔
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    OSA member & Great Guy gone too soon.

    I'm so sorry to hear this.
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    Fall Gardens

    Beets are a good fall crop. So is spinach. I've overwintered spinach a couple of times and eaten from the plants all winter. I'm sure there are some others I'm just not thinking of off the top of my head ... Hmmmmm ...
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    Got a lot going on, could use some life advice?

    First of all, sorry about your dad. And I second getting LegalAid involved. Some attorneys will drag probate out in order to charge fees. Once there is no money left then things get miraculously fast-tracked. The bastards have it down to an art form. Second, congratulations on your impending...
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    Not For Squeamish - Spider got me

    YIKES!! I'll never reach into a tumbler EVER again!!
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    What Would Yo Do?

  17. T

    My saving grace...

    You got this ... I just got an ass chewing from the doctor today. Apparently I'm losing too much too fast. Ain't no pleasing some people ... Lol I hope keto works for you. Keep an eye on your blood work and drink water -- not soda (yes I know lol).
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    Thinking about moving again .

    You know I've never considered becoming an ex-pat ... You are making me want to explore the idea a bit.
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    Gender reveal

    Congrats!! Babies are so much fun!!
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