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    Default Re: plated 9mm bullets

    Quote Originally Posted by gl89aw View Post
    I recently acquired a bunch of 9mm 115gr plated round nose bullets, I loaded up a batch with 4.5 grains of bulls eye and an overall length of 1.125, I couldn't get a decent group at all out of either my Firestar or Star M30, both of which normally do pretty well. Any suggestions, This if my first experience with plated bullets.
    I just started reloading and my first bullet purchase was Berry's plated; I was going to test out my first batch of 9mm tomorrow and you're sapping my confidence

    Berry's FAQ says to use low-to-mid range jacketed data with their bullets. You're pushing your bullets with 4.5gr of Bullseye and my reloading manual puts the max load at 4.8 grains. If I had to guess, you're loading too hot.

    I loaded mine with the minimum load in the manual, not only because I was using plated bullets but also because I wanted a light plinking load (and these are my first reloads and I'm kind of worried about blowing myself up). If I make it to the range tomorrow I'll come back and give a range report.
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    Default Re: plated 9mm bullets

    As a side note...The first time I tried plated bullets I had keyholing that was very bad. None would fly straight. As odd as it sounds I got some expert reloading advice and it was too fast of a powder. I used a slower powder and the problem went away. I didnt use a max load with either powder.
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    Default Re: plated 9mm bullets

    I use and have on hand some Unique, Bullseye, Red Dot, Win.231 and H110, I found a load for Red Dot of 4.1 gr on that they said was a real powder puff, I think I will try it next, any other recomendations,

    Thanks to everyone for their input.

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    Default Re: plated 9mm bullets

    I use titegroup on the Berry's plated and they have always shot very well out of my xds and cz-75s and my son's glock.
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    Default Re: plated 9mm bullets

    Just got back from shooting my reloads, which were Berry's plated 124 gr flat point bullets over 3.9 grains of Bullseye. The round is light and easy to control in rapid fire, and when I took my time (I'm not a great pistol shot, but I really suck at rapid fire) it was pretty easy to put 5-6 in a 1" group at 7 yards. Unfortunately I didn't go beyond 10 yards (where they also did well) so I don't know if they would keyhole or anything at range, but I suspect that the plating was holding together.

    So, based on my minimal empirical experimentation, it appears that Bullseye is fine if you load it light. gl89aw, you were using too much.

    Oh yeah, legal disclaimer: this information is provided to share my results, not to suggest loading data to others. Consult a loading manual instead of using recipes from random people on the Internet. I accept no responsibility if you blow your gun up.
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    Default Re: plated 9mm bullets

    +1 for Titegroup and Berry's plated bullets.

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