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    Default 168gr. .308 Loads?

    I'm looking for some good 168gr. loads for my new AR-10. The barrel is a 1:10 twist, so I want to stay with the heavier bullets. Also, where is a good place to buy projectiles reasonably? Thanks, Mitch

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    Default Re: 168gr. .308 Loads?

    Try 41.0 of H4895 and the Sierra 168 BTHP match...
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    Default Re: 168gr. .308 Loads?

    I shoot 155s and 178s out of my .308s but Varget seems to do best with everyload I've tried. I have been happy with the a-max for hunting/targets. If your going strictly paper try the Sierra Match Kings or the Berger VLDs (little more pricey).

    I'm sure you probably know better than anyone but I can shoot 2-3gr more powder in a Hornady case than a Laupa case so start low and work up slowly.

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    Default Re: 168gr. .308 Loads?

    I have the AR-10T and I think the barrel is a 1 in 11.25" Lorthar Walther barrel. My best load is 168 BTHPMK with 42.2 grs of Varget with Winchester cases and primers. It will put them in one hole at 100 yds. off a bipod. You may have to go with 175's with your twist rate.

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    Default Re: 168gr. .308 Loads?

    Kind of depends on what you're looking to do with it really?.. I've got an AR-10NM with a 1:10 twist 20" barrel and it really likes the heavier MatchKing Sierra BTHP, but is still dead accurate with 150/168gr too...

    FED 210 or 210NM primers, Lapua/WIN/PMC brass. OAL as far out as you can get it to safely feed through your magazines.

    For 600yd prone:
    43.0 grains of IMR4064 with 175/180gr Sierra BTHP

    For 200yd off hand:
    39.0 grains of IMR4064 - 150gr Sierra BTHP
    42.0 grains of IMR4895 - 168gr Sierra BTHP

    I perfer IMR4064 over IMR4895, but thats just me...

    Im still trying to dial in a 600 yard prone load with Accurate 2520, its got a nicer recoil to me then the IMR powders, so im considering using 2520 across the board now. It meters a hole lot better for me as well...

    44.0 grains Accurate 2520 - 168gr Sierra BTHP is pretty competitve at 600yards... Ive just got some 190gr in and this is really what I was wanting to dail in with the 2520 for a 600yard load, so im hoping to get back out before the weekend to see how these will perform.

    For places to buy... I just usually watch the major players online for sales and stock up.. lately Ive been catching decent deals at Midway or worse case i can buy the same at Dongs in Tulsa for 2-3 dollars more then what Midway shows...
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    Default Re: 168gr. .308 Loads?


    Have you had any luck with Accurate 2495? I'm going to try it in my M1A NM and a Garand. Any thoughts?
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    Default Re: 168gr. .308 Loads?

    Shadowrider, no I haven't.. From Accurate's website:

    2495 Very similar to 4895, this single base, extruded propellant gives satisfactory performance in a wide variety of cartridges. It offers service rifle shooters who prefer extruded propellants an Accurate alternative to our 2520

    According to Sierra's loading manual:

    168gr HPBT
    2495 - 38.7 vel 2385
    2495 - 43.0 vel 2592

    You will have to try it out and let me know if you like it? Got me curious to know what the differences would be when compared to 2520?

    Thanks! I will have to go get me a pound a test it out too...
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    Default Re: 168gr. .308 Loads?

    Without getting too technical, the best thing going these days for conventional weight and load 308 is 175gr SMK, or your favorite VLD, loaded over Varget. The 175 SMK is so much better than the 168 that its not even funny.

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    Default Re: 168gr. .308 Loads?

    Best price? If you get dealer rates from any of the big vendors, look there first. And, Midway has a sale on 500 ct. SMK's in 168 and 175gr this weekend that matches dealer price.

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    Default Re: 168gr. .308 Loads?

    44.0 gr of Varget, Laupa brass, Fed210M primers, and a 168 SMK is a perfect match to Federal Gold Metal Match in my 26" M700 bolt gun. Not sure how it will perform in your black gun. Make a trip out to El Reno to Gene Sears for your components. If you are a gun club member, tell them and set up an account for a significant discount. Luck, Tim

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    Default Re: 168gr. .308 Loads?

    42.5 of IMR4064
    Great in my AR-10, Reloader15 is an excellent powder as well...Cant go wrong with varget and 168 MK's.

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    Default Re: 168gr. .308 Loads?

    I've been playing with a 41.0gr BL-C(2) load in my Cetme, using some 168gr BTHP's.

    I'm using Nato headstamp brass so I'm staying well shy of most published max's. The Speer #14 used mil-spec brass so I have gone up to the max there.

    The powder is has worked beautifully for me. Pretty clean and meters very nicely from my RCBS thrower.
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    Default Re: 168gr. .308 Loads?

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate the input!

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    Default Re: 168gr. .308 Loads?

    my bolt gun has a 1:10 barrel and seems to like 175 smk. it will shoot 1 hole groups at 100 with
    43.0gr 4064
    43.0 varget
    and with a couple of weights in 8208 xbr
    all with win brass and br2 primers

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    Default Re: 168gr. .308 Loads?

    I have been loading 42.8 gr Varget with 168gr Hornaday A-Max non-moly coated seated 0.015 off the lands in my Savage 12VLP with good results

    Haven't got to chronograph them yet, but that load is a ways below max. The higher the charge the further the group spread in my rifle.

    This is out of a 26" tube, so might not be warm enough to get the velocities you are looking for.

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