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    Default Taurus p22 pistol review?

    Though about picking one up from academy they are onsale for $199

    Are these POS?? or is it a decent gun?

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    Default Re: Taurus p22 pistol review?

    IMO...POS. I saw a Beretta Model 21 at H&H the other day for only like $100 more and that's the gold standard in this design; (again, IMO). The Beretta will last and will work; the other one is maybe a risky buy. I had a Model 21 for YEARS and regretably traded it away in a weak moment.

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    Default Re: Taurus p22 pistol review?

    Thanks, any more opinions?

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    Default Re: Taurus p22 pistol review?

    I have owned several over the years. I liked them a lot better when you could buy them used for $100 or so, but I think they are a good pistol. I would purchase the pt22 over the .25 just for simplicity and ammo cost. If you want one, buy it.

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    Default Re: Taurus p22 pistol review?

    You might check out the thread under the Rimfire Section on a PT-22 that needed some repair work done, but like ssgrock3 says above, if you want one, buy it. I also second his recommendation on the .22lr over the .25 as well for the same stated reasons. $199 is pretty cheap, but my experience with Taurus has just been hit and miss; so I just don't take the chance with them anymore. If you do decide to get one, I hope it's a good one. BUT, If it was my money, I'd still save my pennies and get the Beretta Model 21.

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    Default Re: Taurus p22 pistol review?

    My wife has one of these and the only issues we have had after about 200+ rounds is the stocks have cracked on the inside. One call to Taurus and they shipped us two pair no charge. Neat little pistol. I've never shot or owned one with the tip-up barrel before. Lots say Taurus makes a lot of crap, but this one does not seem to be. My neighbor has the millenium .45 and he carries it every day and has never had a problem with its performence.

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    Default Re: Taurus p22 pistol review?

    Never owned that model but i had 2 other ones and put a couple hundred rounds through them and was very dissapionted in their performance. One actually broke and I called taurus they told me to ship it to them and I took it apart sent the parts in labeled packages with a brief discription of the problem . After 2 wks called customer service and was told they probably have'nt opened it yet but I could call back in a wk or so and they might have it ready to ship. BTW I next day aired it to them and sent a return envelope and another 2 wks later it showed up So a total of one month to get the parts now thats great customer service. Taurus Sucks!!!! You get what you pay for!

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    Default Re: Taurus p22 pistol review?

    Bought 2 PT22s several years ago. One made 2 trips back for broken barrel pins before they finally replaced a warped barrel. Have shot the repaired gun a lot just plinking and snakes, rats. The other gun had no problems but mostly just sits in the box; probably should just sell it, I suppose.

    It is not reliable with all ammunition, but is OK with greasy plain lead bullets.
    Accuracy is poor beyond spitting distance due to crude sights and shallow rifling. A real fun gun to practice point shooting for cheap.

    I thought it might be a good gun for beginners, but it is too easy to get the off hand in front of the short barrel. I don't think much of it as a defense gun for anything larger than a coon because of .22 failing to seriously discourage an agressive stray dog that put me on top of some equipment. After several solid hits, he bled out. Now I carry a .380 as minimum for a barn walk.

    I still carry the PT22 for field walks just to plink with, but you can bet I also have something else with me.
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    Default Re: Taurus p22 pistol review?

    I've had both a 21A and a PT-22. Same gun, with very minor differences. As a whole, both maker's guns have the same problems, in about the same ratio.

    If you polish the chamber & ramp, they are far less finniky with ammo, but will still show preferences in accuracy.

    I'm keeping my PT-22 for an OMG (Old Man Gun). Tip-up barrel for easy loading. Smooth/relatively light DA pull. Serviceable caliber that doesn't recoil much.

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