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    Default Oklahoma LOTTERY?

    What is the largest amount anyone has ever won on Scratch off tickets, POWER- BALL, MEGA MILLIONS, Oklahoma HOT LOTTO, CASH 5 etc, etc?

    I buy a few tickets now and then and never win a dime!!!!
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    Default Re: Oklahoma LOTTERY?

    Well, I won a free scratcher the other day. That's the only thing I've won so far.

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    Default Re: Oklahoma LOTTERY?

    I buy all the loosing tickets, so you all should have a better chance of winning something.

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    Default Re: Oklahoma LOTTERY?

    I won $500 in powerball a couple years ago. 3 numbers + powerball = $100 * 5 powerplay. One more number would have been $500,000.00 and two more would have been a ~120 million jackpot.
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    Default Re: Oklahoma LOTTERY?


    ...then i realized it was a prank.

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    Default Re: Oklahoma LOTTERY?

    I won $7 a few months ago.

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    Default Re: Oklahoma LOTTERY?

    I've done less than a handful of scratch offs in my life, most (if not all) were from Texas. But the most I've ever won was either $2 or $3.
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    Default Re: Oklahoma LOTTERY?

    $50 in okla. $300 in texas scratchers I think there are special places that get the winner tickets.
    I may have to try the gas station at 33rd west ave and I-44 in Tulsa they always have a different banner out front telling somebody won some big prize there. south side of hiway, shell station I think.

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    Default Re: Oklahoma LOTTERY?

    Enough to buy 1 more ticket. I think you could count on one hand the amount of scratchers I have purchased. One or two was a buck or free ticket.

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    Default Re: Oklahoma LOTTERY?

    40.00 dollars on my first ticket in Oklahoma, nothing since then. 120.00 dollars twice in Texas.

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    Default Re: Oklahoma LOTTERY?

    $5.00 here in Ok. In Texas I got $100.00 one time and $35.00 one time. Don't play it often though.

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    Default Re: Oklahoma LOTTERY?

    I won $50 when I lived in Portland. I then promptly turned around and bought the new Tiger Woods Golf game I'd had my eye on.

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    Default Re: Oklahoma LOTTERY?

    I've won $0, but I've also spent $0. This means via net gains/losses I'm ahead of most of those who 'play'.

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    Default Re: Oklahoma LOTTERY?

    If I had ever won any substantial money, I'd be out shooting or hunting right now...

    I keep looking for the news headline of "BIG Lottery Winner in Oklahoma" whenever I do occasionally get a ticket, but alas... no such luck.
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    Default Re: Oklahoma LOTTERY?

    i like how the scratch offs say "1 in 4.75 odd of winning" and you can buy 10 tickets and not win on any of them.
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