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    Default Best place for cheap .223 ammo?

    I need to buy some ammo and have been looking for the best deal. Where do you guys buy bulk ammo and what are you paying?
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    Default Re: Best place for cheap .223 ammo?

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    Default Re: Best place for cheap .223 ammo?

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    Default Re: Best place for cheap .223 ammo?

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    Default Re: Best place for cheap .223 ammo?
    Try this web site.

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    Default Re: Best place for cheap .223 ammo?

    Quote Originally Posted by Old Fart View Post
    I love AmmoEngine. It answers so many questions.
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    Default Re: Best place for cheap .223 ammo?

    Look in the group buys area of
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    Default Re: Best place for cheap .223 ammo?

    How about $306/K with free shipping?
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    Default Re: Best place for cheap .223 ammo?

    Any time i need ammo i usually hit up:

    They do a nice job of breaking this down per round and includes shipping.
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    Default Re: Best place for cheap .223 ammo?

    I did a group buy last week on BVAC for $270/1000 delivered. I will do another one in a month or whenever there is enough interest. PM me for more info.

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    Default Re: Best place for cheap .223 ammo?

    Aim surplus, 2K WPA delivered for $390!

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    Default Re: Best place for cheap .223 ammo?

    I have found this guy to be good to deal with and he is locally-owned as well.

    He is in Stillwater and his service, I have found, is top-notch.
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    Default Re: Best place for cheap .223 ammo?

    I like shooting brown bear. Military Shooters usually has the best prices on it and it is good steel cased ammo.
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    Default Re: Best place for cheap .223 ammo?

    I've been shooting the WPA .223

    Brown bear = Barnaul
    WPA = repackaged Barnaul

    It's cheaper than Brown/Silver Bear.

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