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    Question Nutnfancy on Youtube....??

    Anybody watch this guy's videos? While some of them are a lil entertaining...I wonder...who is this guy? Is he active duty or prior military? ....While I do enjoy a few of his videos....I can't help but think he's a lil ate up in a Mall Ninja kinda way....I could be wrong.

    Anybody know anything about this dude?
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    Default Re: Nutnfancy on Youtube....??

    He talks as if he was former Air Force, and I have gotten the impression he was a reservist or at one point was. I also believe he owns or has a vested interest in a gun shop. That is what I have gathered from the few videos I have watched but could be way off. He does have some good info and reviews every now and then, and sometimes way over the top.
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    I dunno but it's pretty obvious he rubbed her the wrong way!

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    Default Re: Nutnfancy on Youtube....??

    Kind of a "different" kind of fella... but he does give the good and the bad. I use him when I can.

    Another guy on there is "Sooch" He's pretty good!
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    Default Re: Nutnfancy on Youtube....??

    Only one guy I like as far as guns go on the youtube,... Hickok45.
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    Default Re: Nutnfancy on Youtube....??

    Hickok45 is da man. Nutnfancy is an idiot.
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    Default Re: Nutnfancy on Youtube....??

    He's a character...

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    Default Re: Nutnfancy on Youtube....??

    He's a character. I've learned some stuff from his videos but some are hard to watch with so many "dude's" thrown in there. I do find him entertaining. I've also seen some videos where he absolutely is talking out of his butt and doesn't have a clue. In one, for instance, he was reviewing a Glock vs an XD, I think. Anyway, he was talking about the Glock and totally dismissed concerns about an unsupported chamber and in fact claimed that it was fully supported, implying that it was just a myth. Mmmkay!!! Whatever, "dude".
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    Default Re: Nutnfancy on Youtube....??

    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteyMacD View Post
    Only one guy I like as far as guns go on the youtube,... Hickok45.
    Yes, I do too. I really like all his videos and wish I had land like his to shoot like that.

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    Thumbs up Re: Nutnfancy on Youtube....??

    Agree w/ Hickok45, also like Jeff Quinn w/Gunblast. jeff is a cooool dude in my book. A little funny also.

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    Default Re: Nutnfancy on Youtube....??

    I can't stand nutnfancy's voice. Or the things he says. I also don't like how all of his videos last at least 20 minutes.

    THE WORST are the philosophical videos (about BEING A SHEEPDOG or THE TACTICAL MINDSET) where you actually see his face. I find his mannerisms offputting.

    Hickok45 is the anti-nutnfancy. nutnfancy's videos are a lot of worthless talking with no shooting. Hickok45 just shoots stuff. I could watch him ring 80-yard gongs all day <3

    Jeff Quinn's videos are great because they're all basically "HERE IS THIS GUN. I LIKE THIS GUN. IMMA SHOOT IT NOW."

    E: nutnfancy is an Air Force reservist, IIRC.
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    Default Re: Nutnfancy on Youtube....??

    Quote Originally Posted by cznick View Post
    Agree w/ Hickok45, also like Jeff Quinn w/Gunblast
    Quote Originally Posted by poopgiggle View Post
    Jeff Quinn's videos are great because they're all basically "HERE IS THIS GUN. I LIKE THIS GUN. IMMA SHOOT IT NOW."
    If I'm ever 1/3 as cool as Jeff Quinn is, I will have won at life. The man is a master of brevity and beard braiding. He sold me my 4" Redhawk in 55 seconds.

    He's also a fan of cool leather.
    Oh, it tasted so good though.

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    Default Re: Nutnfancy on Youtube....??

    There's only one person on the planet I can tolerate 'dude speak' from and that's The Dude. Everyone else, including Mr. Nutnfancy kind of puts me off. I'm more of a Hickok45 and GunBlast guy. Nutnfancy does put out some good information though.
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    Default Re: Nutnfancy on Youtube....??

    Nutnfancy is the reason mall ninjas exist.

    It's like:

    Mall ninjas ------> Nutnfancy
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    Default Re: Nutnfancy on Youtube....??

    Nuttin fancy is a super douche. I love how he talks about being an "operator" when he flies refueling tankers in the AF reserves

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    Default Re: Nutnfancy on Youtube....??

    Yeah I can't stand the guy, and I think he's a huge douchebag. There are a few of a his video that I enjoyed (his hiking videos), but my God are his reviews videos terrible!
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