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    Default Tulsa Questions.....

    I will be moving to South Tulsa in the next 2 weeks, and was wondering if anyone out there had some info on some good bow shops. I am looking to purchase a new bow and was wanting to shoot some different kinds to see what I like. I am also into shooting 3-D archery shoots and was wondering if there was any around the area up there. My last question is that I was wondering about places to hunt around the Tulsa area. Thanks for any and all your help.

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    Default Re: Tulsa Questions.....

    Pats archery in okmulgee ok is good. Not too far to drive from s tulsa.
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    Default Re: Tulsa Questions.....

    lots of public land around tulsa

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    Default Re: Tulsa Questions.....

    Myself and everybody I know have been going to Pat's in Okmulgee since Pat was still around. Dean and John are good guys, if you go in the off season or on a weekday they will go out of their way to help you. They have an indoor range. They can prolly get you hooked up with info on the league scene, check their website as well as the Oklahoma Bowsite forum.

    I'm not a public land hunter, but there is plenty around. Also plenty of archery only spots. ODWC website should help you with that.
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    Default Re: Tulsa Questions.....

    There is a bow shop in the same building as Line-X at 44th and Mingo, not sure if they are good or not.

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    Default Re: Tulsa Questions.....

    Archery Outpost seemed like a good place when I was getting Arrows for my new bow.
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    Default Re: Tulsa Questions.....

    I bow hunt and live in Tulsa.

    Heyburn, Okmulgee, Ft.Gibson, Hulah, Keystone, & Cherokee WMA's are some ok bow spots.

    Of course there is no good public land for bowhunting, access to private land is definitely Ideal.
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    Default Re: Tulsa Questions.....

    +1 on Pat's in Okmulgee. Good, knowledgeable guys in there. I also really like Bill's Sporting Goods in Claremore.
    Tulsa Archery Association is a good range. I'm not a member but I've been out there and checked out the facilities, they have a nice setup for just about anything archery and they are very reasonably priced with 24 hour access for members. It's way out north here by Sperry though so it's a drive from south Tulsa.
    As far as hunting, I've never hunted the public land around here, I travel way too far to hunt private.
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    Default Re: Tulsa Questions.....

    thanks for all the info

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    Default Re: Tulsa Questions.....

    Another Vote for Pat's Archery in Okmulgee. The shops and archery ranges around Tulsa have really diminished the last 10 years. I can also vouch for Tulsa Archery Association in Sperry. I am a past president and vice-president of the club. It has an indoor range, tree stand range, field archery range, and 3-D range, along with a practice range out to 60 yards. And the capability to shoot out to 100 yards if you're up for it. It has electricity to the building, and a wood burning stove inside. I've spent many a winter evening and night out there shooting. I believe the membership fee is now $40.00. That's a year's membership for the whole family, with unlimited access to the ranges. The only time they don't want you shooting out there is when they're setting up the range for tournaments. They would prefer you help with that. Pat's should have info on it. If not, check out this link....

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    Default Re: Tulsa Questions.....

    Well, looks like Pat's Archery it is. I am also looking forward to getting up to Sperry to shoot at TAA. Should be fun.

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    Default Re: Tulsa Questions.....

    archery outpost is awesome.They are priced with Pat's in okmulgee w/o the drive.I just go to all of them to look and play.Public hunting around here will do nothing but piss you off.I did it for many years and there is no way I will ever step foot on any public hunting land in N.E,.Oklahoma again.Too many jack wads that just don't give a sh!! about anything.Final straw was a round hitting the tree I was sitting in.and the game wardens really get upset if you return fire.
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    Default Re: Tulsa Questions.....

    I'm not a bow guy, but BPS in Broken Arrow has a large bow section and they have a repair/tune up shop also.
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