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    Default M83 Smoke Grenades

    I have Eight (8) M83 Smoke Grenades for sale. They are all sealed in the original containers except for one. I took it out for the photo. $200 for all. Email or text 405-808-6048. I can't seem to upload pictures today. If you would like a pic, text me and I will send you one. Thanks.

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    Default Re: M83 Smoke Grenades

    I'll take them. I will call you to make arrangements.

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    Default Re: M83 Smoke Grenades

    Still have 8 available.

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    Default Re: M83 Smoke Grenades

    Emails sent on 9-30. Can you send me a pic?

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    Default Re: M83 Smoke Grenades

    Ill take whats left.
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