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Thread: Fiocchi Ammo

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    Default Fiocchi Ammo

    I have used Fiocchi Extrema XTP in my 380 TCP with good results. Ammunition to go has it in 9mm for $25 for 50. I noticed they also have the older Fiocchi hollow points for about $15 for 50. At that price I could practice and carry with the same ammo! Has anybody got any experience with this? Thanks

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    Fiocchi .380 seems to be good stuff; ran a bunch of it through my old PPK/S and no problems.

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    They have good ammo. I have always liked fiocchi ammo and it sometimes on sale locally. Used to find the 357 sig xtp hollow points 19 bucks for 50 rounds

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    I've used fiocchi shotgun shells and hand gun ammo for years. Love it

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    Fiocchi is good stuff. I bought a box of 9MM FMJ at H&H. I used it in their range. I think it was $14.99 for 50. I saved my cases and they reload great.
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    I tried some of their ball ammo in my kahr p380 and it ran horribly. I shot wwb through the same gun and it ran fine. I guess ymmv in the 380. I have ran their 9mm jhp with xtp and they ran great through several different guns, and a great price to boot.

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    My Glock 31 loves Fiocchi. Great round. Beautiful casings.
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    They make high quality stuff.

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    The black box Fiocchi is made in the USA, the pinkish colored boxes are still made in Italy. Both are top quality rounds. Its what I keep loaded in my 9MM handguns.
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    I like the Fiocchi SubSonic 9mm stuff.

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    I've had good luck with their .44 magnum ammo. Very accurate.

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    Have used them for years w/no problems.

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    Shot and reloaded it. I've had good luck with it.

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    I have shot thousands of rounds of their 9mm ammo....good stuff.

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