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    Default NEW IN BOX!! Taurus Model 62 Stainless Pump .22 Rifle (Discontinued Model)


    This is a NEW IN THE BOX Taurus Model 62 Stainless Steel .22 Pump Action Rifle.
    This gun has been discontinued for years and has set in the box inside my gun safe since I bought it 4+ years ago. NEVER been fired! NEVER been handled by anyone but me! Its only been out of the box twice for show and tell.

    This gun was discontinued about 5 years ago and it was tough to find when I bought it about 4 years ago.

    I looked and looked online to find some others to compare it to for value and could not find another new one anywhere. The closest thing I could find was a used one that was "like new" on gunbroker and it just sold 30 days ago for $435 plus $30 shipping and a $35 FFL fee. This gun had 13 bids and brought $500 including the fees.

    I would like to try to get $500 cash out of mine.
    FTF in Edmond
    These are just stock photos, but this is exactly what it looks like.

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    Default Re: NEW IN BOX!! Taurus Model 62 Stainless Pump .22 Rifle (Discontinued Model)

    Any offers before I put it on gunbroker?

    Here is some pics I just took of the actual gun.

    Shoot me an offer if your interested.

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    Default Re: NEW IN BOX!! Taurus Model 62 Stainless Pump .22 Rifle (Discontinued Model)


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