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    Default Re: Home Standby Generator - Kohler or Generac?

    Quote Originally Posted by pinkhamr View Post
    Thanx for all of your inputs - They are greatly appreciated. Looks like a different location for the Generator drops the install down to about $650 ..... Decided to go with the Generac 5875 20KW (77AMP on NG) and includes at 200 AMP RTS (Service Rated) Auto Transfer Switch. Total cost is $4,504 delivered and delivery within 10 days. May be an extra $40 for a lift gate truck to deliver it. I will be ready for this Spring .....
    Sounds like a good score, and your happy. cant beat the two. I am glad you found a place that has them in stock.

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    Default Re: Home Standby Generator - Kohler or Generac?

    That's a good deal. We have basically the same Generac system - 20KW, natural gas, 200AMP Xfer switch and set us back around $6,300.00 including the pouring of the slab, a split electrical system between what is backed up and what isn't (was an option when the house was built).

    WORD OF CAUTION: When you have your slab poured for the generator, have the wires run through conduit up through the slab near the electrical connections under where the generator will sit, and make sure the slab is at least a foot away from your house's foundation/slab. We made sure ours was the foot away from the house slab because we've been in a house that had the generator bolted down to a patio on the back of the house and the engine noise reverberates all through that house.


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    Default Re: Home Standby Generator - Kohler or Generac?

    I have a Generac, 1st Generation 15kW, natural gas, that was installed in 2006. I have less than 120 hours of actual generating time on it. It ran for a snow storm for several hours, a hurricane for 3 3 1/2 days and a hurricane for 17 hours, in that order. It started leaking oil through the PTO down to fan and blowing it all through the generator housing, during the first hurricane. It actually shut down due to low oil pressure. It cost me $300 to repair a rear main seal. It ran for for the second hurricane and low and behold I have the same leak. This time it cost $800 for the same repair as before. When I talked to Generac they told me it was out of warranty and there was really nothing they could do. My Generator is probably not even broken in yet with les tha 120 hours on it. Im contemplating a replacement with a Kohler. Kohler has a 5 year warranty. Any one with Kohler Experince?

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    Default Re: Home Standby Generator - Kohler or Generac?

    So far so good with my Generac. Longest power outage has only been for about 4 hours thus far. It does self test for 20 minutes every Saturday ..... no hiccups at all ..... Very happy with it.

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    Default Re: Home Standby Generator - Kohler or Generac?

    Quote Originally Posted by pinkhamr View Post
    It does self test for 20 minutes every Saturday .....
    FWIW the self test is called "exercising" if it actually transferes the load of the home to the genset...if it's not, its just running the engine under no-load and over time it will just glaze the cylinders and cause oil consumption.

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    Default Re: Home Standby Generator - Kohler or Generac?

    That's good to know ...... may just reset the schedule ...... and consider load testing ...... Thanx

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    Default Re: Home Standby Generator - Kohler or Generac?

    I don't know anything about generac, but my last welding machine was a lincoln ranger 225 GXT with a 23 horse kohler, with a peak generator output of 11, 000 watts. My curent welder is older. It's a hobart champion with a 16 horse onan with a max output of 8000 watts. The hobart out performs the lincoln in EVERY way. I was really supprised. After seeing how much the kohler struggled, I don't think I could own another kohler powered welder/ generator
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    Default Re: Home Standby Generator - Kohler or Generac?

    The only two things I have owned with a kohler engine in them have been ok at best. The first one was in a yard man tractor 20+ hp and after the first season a connecting rod snapped. after it was repaired it was near impossible to start
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