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Thread: Weather Radios

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    I listen to Ham during storms, spotters will give exact location on storm and conditions. This info will be minuets before it is broadcast or put out as a warning. Won't help when sleeping but good info while you are awake.
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    A scanner is best for 'right now' happenings in the Ponca City area. Our local ham radio club members work as storm spotters coordinating with the emergency services director at the police department. Weather alerts are best from a weather radio with S.A.M.E. capabilities. I personally use the Oregon Scientific portable because I can carry it with me when I leave home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GForce89 View Post
    What is the app called? It would be a good start since i always have my phone near me.
    Here is a link to a whole page of stuff.

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    The problem we have with AT&T is while you are watching the storm, it keeps cutting off, and stops updating. That leaves you in the dark in the most inopportune times. That is why I have weather radios set up with all of my friends and relatives.
    And yes, I have scanners that listen to the ham radio frequencies and emergency management frequencies.
    For the ham frequencies.

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    I use a weather radio at night for alerts, but switch to a regular old battery am/fm radio for the shelter...tuned to the TV weather/spotter info that's simulcast on the radio stations. When I'm in the hole, I want specific location info, and that's something our TV weather guessers actually do pretty well.
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    We've got a Midland WR-300 that we've had about 4 years now. Always worked for us. I really enjoy being able to find tune everything on it. I've got it setup for both Oklahoma and Logan county since we are right on the border. It only goes off for Tornado Watches and Warnings, Wildfires, and blizzards I remember correctly. But you can have any alert you want to on it.

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    We have a Midland WR-10, and it's worthless.

    Oh, don't get me wrong - it works just fine. But like another post stated - it goes off for every alert they broadcast, and you can't turn certain alerts off.
    After being awakened repeatedly for 'wind alerts' for the last 3 hours, the wife and I finally just unplugged it and never used it again.

    Don't buy the WR-10 model.
    ...I'll have to look at the WR-300, I didn't know about the customized alerts option.

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