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    Default Plainfield M1 Carbine

    What's it worth? I've seen them sell for good money but I have one for sale that doesn't seem to be generating much interest.

    Pictures of mine and current asking price can be found in my FS thread on here. It's also currently on arms list.

    If my price is out of line, let me know since that is frowned upon in FS threads.
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    Default Re: Plainfield M1 Carbine

    I think you are a bit high.
    First, its a plainfield. They were never used by the military.
    Its commercial thru and thru.
    The only one currently getting bids on GB is at $325 and will probably end somewhere around $400
    They are asking as high as $800 in various ads, but getting no takers because either they think its military or trying to stick it to somebody that doesn't know the difference.

    Kind of like having a Llama 45 and thinking its a Colt. They just don't bring the same money.

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    Default Re: Plainfield M1 Carbine

    It's tough to price your's because the paratrooper configuration is kinda rare. The last time I looked at your ad, I think it was $600. I don't think that is seriously out of line, but probably on the high end of a range. I think I saw one on Gunbroker for a similar price (of course, it was still for sale).

    In my opinion, Plainfield's are decent Carbines, far better than most Universals. They just have to fight the "it's not GI" stigma.
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    Default Re: Plainfield M1 Carbine

    Well then I guess I will leave it where it is and wait for a buyer. It may be on the high end but it's in great shape and functions flawlessly. Plus I state in my post it's not firm so thanks for the input gents. I know it never saw war which is hurting it but I have also heard that of the commercials the Plainfield's were arguably the best and were hand assembled. I don't know how the other ones made in the same time frame could have been assembled differently but hey, its what I heard.

    My AR never saw war but I wouldn't pay more for the same model that sent lead towards a rebel in A-stan.
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    Default Re: Plainfield M1 Carbine

    I,ve had several Plainfields and the are the best of the commercials. Your price is on the high side but not out of reason. Plainfieds used all GI parts except reciever and wood as did the very early Universals. It looks like a very nice one. Hang in there!

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    Default Re: Plainfield M1 Carbine

    I agree with Moguns. It looks like a nice one. I'd be interested in it if it was down here. I'd just bump your classified thread about every couple of weeks. The right guy will come along.
    At the precipice, we change!

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