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Thread: Saiga .308

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    Default Saiga .308

    I have a saiga .308 I'm wanting to sell. Includes rifle, 3 mags, 2 stocks, cleaning rod, oil bottle and 2 full and 1 partial box of ammo.
    Round count unknown as I bought it used but only 16 rds by me. The rifle holds good groups and out performs me the shooter.
    650.00....Price drop to $600.00 FTf in Tulsa, Muskogee, Okmulgee area, I live kinda center of these three cities. Thanks for looking.
    Would be willing to meet half way for all you OKC people.

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    Default Re: Saiga .308

    Bump for drop on price to $600.00

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    Default Re: Saiga .308

    Last bump and price drop before it goes back to the safe....$550.00

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