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Thread: Kimber dealers

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    Default Kimber dealers

    Who do you suggest? Looking for a solo.

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    Default Re: Kimber dealers

    The Kimber Dealers in the local area are:
    Heartland Outdoors in Edmond.
    H&H, Big Boys & Outdoor America in Oklahoma City.

    Also keep you eyes open on the OSA classify ads.

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    Default Re: Kimber dealers

    Marks Firearms is a Kimber dealer. He's been trying to find my roomie a Solo for awhile now. I've tried everywhere in the city I can think of and come up with zero. Tried Armslist but the Solo is so rare it's a popular scam item. The one we did find on Armslist turned out to be a scam. Fortunately we found out before losing any money but I won't go that route again.

    Good luck finding one and, if you do, let me know where lol.

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    Default Re: Kimber dealers

    There are a few on gunbroker. If I can't find one local for the right price I may have to spend the extra 80 and buy offline as much as I hate to.

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    When I bought my Kimber at Big Boys they told me they were a master dealer. How true that is I don't know.

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    Default Re: Kimber dealers

    What is a master dealer?

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    Default Re: Kimber dealers

    a master dealer is a dealr who "buys in" a certain amount of product from a manufacturer, or distributor.

    Kimber only has ONE distributor that I know of. However there are a few master dealers.
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    Default Re: Kimber dealers

    I have bid in on broker well see how long it lasts

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    Quote Originally Posted by woolworh
    What is a master dealer?
    I asked if I could get a better price if I paid cash. He said he could not do any better on the Kimber gun prices since he is a master dealer. He said that he sells them for what other dealers cost is. Their price was cheaper so I didn't question it.

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    Default Re: Kimber dealers

    I tried. Went to high.

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    Default Re: Kimber dealers

    So your best bet would be to go with a master dealer.

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    Default Re: Kimber dealers

    I just purchased a Kimber Raptor Ultra II stainless, I found it at Murph's Guns in Ducan,Ok. They beat H&H by about a $150.00 and are great guys to deal with, and they have an awsome inventory of guns, ammo and all related items. They also have the best prices on Yeti ice chests.

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    Default Re: Kimber dealers

    If I remember right, a Kimber Master Dealer qualification is $40K in guns a year. Not too hard to do, especially when they can't make enough. Everyone's lead time has gone up again.

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    Default Re: Kimber dealers

    You may try Broken Arrow Gun Shop. They are now a Master Kimber dealer. From my understanding a "Master" dealer can sell to other Kimber dealers. The "Master" dealer can also offer their guns at a lower cost to their customers.
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    Default Re: Kimber dealers

    RJ in Broken Arrow sells Kimber so does Sports World in Tulsa
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