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    Default S&W 460 performance model

    S&W 460 mag performance model. fiber optic front site adjustable rear. muzzle break optic ready , shoots 45 lc, 454 casual , or 460 mag

    trades---Glock 29,19,26. M14, ar 10,ar 15, bolt action 308 long range set up, 9mm sub,ak-74,ak47,tatical stuff, these are my main interest but you never know. Ill take multiple trades or trade plus cash

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    Default Re: S&W 460 performance model

    Do you have a value for it?
    What is the first few digits of the serial number?
    Does it have a punch dot above the serial number on the yoke opening?
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    Default Re: S&W 460 performance model

    Don't really have a value on it just looking for something different. Ill look at ser # when i get home in the morning

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    Default Re: S&W 460 performance model

    Trade pending

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    Default Re: S&W 460 performance model

    Thought i had it traded but apparently not

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    Default Re: S&W 460 performance model

    Do you have a cash price?

    Is this one of the recalled ones/ has the barrel been replaced by S&W?

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    Default Re: S&W 460 performance model

    yes the barrel has been replaced it has the punch dot by the ser number. lll04xx

    really dont have a cash price more interested in trades but you could pm me offers for quicker replay

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