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    Default 7.62x39 AR 15 rifle

    I am building an AR-15 in 7.62x39 with stainless barrel made by sota arms, ammo is half the cost of .223 ammo, I alreadyu have an AR in .223 and one in 9 mm i think this might be a good hog gun, any thoughts?

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    Default Re: 7.62x39 AR 15 rifle

    I think Magazines may be an issue. Something about the curve needed or something?

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    Default Re: 7.62x39 AR 15 rifle

    I've been wanting to build a 7.62 AR also, and have heard issues about the magazines....For ammo cost, and Mag issues, a 5.45 AR may be easier...

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    Default Re: 7.62x39 AR 15 rifle

    Well everything I have seen says that they wont feed right. Something about the angle of the cartridge screws up the feeding. And as mentioned above the magazines wont feed because theres not enough curve for the 7.62x39. Might look at .300AAC blackout...better ballistics than 5.56 and more energy than 7.62x39.
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    Default Re: 7.62x39 AR 15 rifle

    There are several options for lowers out there that will accept standard AK mags, so you can avoid the feed issues.

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    Default Re: 7.62x39 AR 15 rifle

    I've got a 7.62x39 sota arms Better get some mags while you can. The best are the AR Stoners from Midway USA.
    They have put a 2 mag limit and they are still about $18 each
    The Sota arms barrels are real accurate. I've got them in 5.56, 300blk,and 7.62x39 all shoot real good.
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    Default Re: 7.62x39 AR 15 rifle

    I have never had a feeding issue.

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    Default Re: 7.62x39 AR 15 rifle

    I had two AR's in 7.62x39; one had a Model One upper, and I forget who made the other. Both had occasional feeding and ejection issues - those plus the parabolic trajectory of that caliber compelled me to sell them off.

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    Default Re: 7.62x39 AR 15 rifle

    I was thinking along the same line about getting a 7.62X39. I had a good underfolder, but the accuracy I wanted just wasn't there. I went with a Sig 556-R.
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    Default Re: 7.62x39 AR 15 rifle

    I have built my 7.62x39 rifle and OMG its amazingly accurate. a standard ar mag will work with 5 rounds or less I have purchased 5 mags designed to shoot from the ar and 1 5 rounder for hunting they work great

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