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    Default High Standard Sentinel MkIV 22 mag revolver

    Vintage ('74 I believe) High Standard Sentinel MKIV in 22 mag. $400
    Revolver is in excellent condition, almost like new. Has slight ring around cylinder, is easily 98-99%.
    Has original box and papers. I have fired this very little and it is unlikely that the previous owner used it much either. When I first got it I had some issues with light strikes, must have been the ammo though, CCI maxi-mag works great. A round that works very well is 22WRF, CCI has started producing this again and it is very accurate out of this revolver. I have some ammo as well, buyer of the pistol will have first dibs on the ammo.
    Text or call 405-two one zero-2383.

    22mag ammo: $65 for all.
    32 rds Federal 30gr speer TNT
    33rds CCI Maxi-mag
    91 rds Hornady Critical Defense 45gr FTX
    2x unopened boxes of CCI 22 WRF

    FTF in Bethany/NW OKC

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    Default Re: High Standard Sentinel MkIV 22 mag revolver

    Revolver and ammo are sold. Lock it up.
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