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    Default Poor Dick's Sporting Goods...

    Reap what you sow A-holes!!

    Dick’s Sales, Stocks Drop Following Black Gun Ban

    Last Christmas many Dick’s customers were sent one mean lump of coal in the form of a gift certificate. All customers who pre-ordered a Troy Carbine from Dick’s for their Black Friday special had their orders cancelled and their money returned.

    Following the Newtown shooting spree, Dick’s Sporting Goods changed their policy and stopped selling AR-pattern and other semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifles, even the guns they had already sold.

    If there’s a silver lining for all the people who were eagerly waiting for that Troy Carbine and were vastly dissappointed, it’s that Dick’s isn’t doing so well in the financial department.

    At a time where the only thing a company has to do to sell firearms, ammo and accessories is to unlock their doors, Dick’s sales have flat-lined. In fact, their sales dropped 2.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012 compared to 2011 and their shares 10 percent in the last quarter.

    Dick’s CEO pointed his finger squarely at, well, Lance Armstrong. “People had a very negative reaction to the Livestrong brand,” he said at an earnings report.

    Lance Armstrong recently confessed that he trafficked and used steroids, giving in to allegations of doping starting in 2004. His line of Livestrong goods makes up for half of Dick’s elliptical and trainer apparel.

    Dick’s denied that their sales were low because of the store’s gun policy, instead they pointed the finger at the ammunition shortage.

    But other sporting goods stores are not feeling the pinch despite the ammo drought. In fact, Cabela’s is doing better than ever and investors have been quick to point out that it’s because of their strong gun sales.

    “Cabela’s Inc. stock closed up more than 16 percent, among leading gainers on the New York Stock Exchange, and hit a 52-week high Thursday after reporting strong financial results above the market’s and the company’s expectations.”

    Gun sales accounted for almost two-thirds of Cabela’s gains, with their sales up by 24 percent over last year.

    “First-quarter results exceeded our expectations on every line of the income statement,” said Cabela’s Tommy Millner. “In addition to expected increases in firearms and ammunition sales, we saw particularly strong performance in softgoods and footwear.”

    Still, some analysts believe Cabela’s firearms earning to be temporary, with the massive surge in the sales of everything gun-related expected to wane now that the bulk of federal gun control bills have failed to pass muster.

    “Without firearms and ammunition, same-stores sales increased just 9 percent — still strong, but clearly much of Cabela’s growth was driven by gun buyers,” wrote Jeremy Bowman of the Motley Fool. ”As the stock has now tripled in the past year and a half, investors may want to take a cue from their senators and sell while the stock is hot.”

    We suspect it’s a bit early to start bailing on Cabela’s, that gun sales will stay strong for the coming months. What we can be sure on, however, is that while this boom is also a bubble, Dick’s failed to get in on much if any of it.

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    Default Re: Poor little dick's

    Poor management. I hope the stock holders find about this.
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    Default Re: Poor Dick's Sporting Goods...

    They would do better if they even carried handguns, but they don't even do that....

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    Default Re: Poor Dick's Sporting Goods...

    I was at the new store on N. Penn Wed. night. Weren't many people there. They didn't have what I wanted anyway. Neither did Academy.
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    Default Re: Poor Dick's Sporting Goods...

    I had one open within a mile of my house. It was convenient and easy to get in and out of... After their gun policy shift I haven't darkened their doorstep and will gladly drive 8 miles to Academy instead.

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    Default Re: Poor Dick's Sporting Goods...

    Nothing against Dicks employees and hate for them to lose their jobs but I hope the corporate einsteins that made that decision starve in a homeless shelter somewhere. Serves them right.
    Even though they've missed a lot of firearm related sales, its not too late to reverse their decision and maybe get on board with busness instead of liberal political correctness if they'll pull their heads out.
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    Default Re: Poor Dick's Sporting Goods...

    Libtards should reap what they sow and quit winning about their unexpected results.

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    Default Re: Poor Dick's Sporting Goods...

    Went to the one here in B.A. when it first openned. Way to pricey for me with a smaller selection compared to other stores.
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    Default Re: Poor Dick's Sporting Goods...

    Dicks blows. I've been to the one by my house in BA and the one in NW OKC. One trip was all I needed to confirm how worthless Dicks was. Seriously, what was I expecting from a store called "Dicks" anyway? Absolutely zip in the "hunting" department that was of interest to me. No handsguns, no EBRs, no ammo? What's the point?

    Dicks sucks and that will never change. I'm glad they're stock is taking a hit. Serves them right for taking the ARs off their shelves. Damn libtards get what they deserve.
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    Default Re: Poor Dick's Sporting Goods...

    I never shop there the name is to weird haha

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    Default Re: Poor Dick's Sporting Goods...

    I buy some fitness stuff in dicks. Quality and selection are on average better than Academy. But normally I can wait for amazon to ship it to me too. It is pricy to shop in there.
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    Default Re: Poor Dick's Sporting Goods...

    Quote Originally Posted by thomas View Post
    i had one open within a mile of my house. It was convenient and easy to get in and out of... After their gun policy shift i haven't darkened their doorstep and will gladly drive 8 miles to academy instead.

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    Default Re: Poor Dick's Sporting Goods...

    the dicks in Broken Arrow has ammo control in place, if i find any ammo there (they hide it under a counter instead of the ammo rack in plain site) and have a punkass kid giving 4 or 5 boxes to one person and only 2 or 3 to the next person, its a beautiful store with maybe 10 cars in their parking lot, good luck dick im never going back
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    Default Re: Poor Dick's Sporting Goods...

    Only been to one in Moore once.......didn't buy anything.

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