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    Default DPMS Rifle for sale

    Up for sale is a DPMS RFA2-PCAR-16 as near as I can tell.
    I lent some money to a guy at work. He can't pay so I need to sell this before the wife finds out I been loaning money again.

    Dpms RFA2-PCAR-16
    5.56/223 cal
    16" barrel w/flash hider
    telescoping buttstock
    2 magazines
    fixed A2 carry handle upper.

    Claims he only shot less than 100 rounds, which I believe cause he's always broke.

    $700 FTF Tulsa

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    Default Re: DPMS Rifle for sale

    Pics ,,,,

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    Default Re: DPMS Rifle for sale

    monday bump make an offer!

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    Default Re: DPMS Rifle for sale

    SPF! thanks OSA

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    Default Re: DPMS Rifle for sale

    sold thanks -Arenathlete

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