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    Default Barrett 25MM sniper rifle!!!

    So i was watching the outdoor channel yesterday and i think it was on shooting gallery. Anyways they were talking about barrett firearms and they apparently have a new upper receiver forthe M107A1 that is chambered to fire a 25mm cannon cartridge. The round itself weighs about 4oz's and leaves the muzzle at 1400 fps. at 2000 meters it can go through 3inches of steel . also they added multiple hydraulic buffers to absod some of the recoil.......... They also talked about the newer 416 round they developed. its a 400gr projectile that flies at 3300fps and is effective and more accurate than the 50bmg at ranges of like 2000 meters but is more suited to soft targets i would imagine. Anyways didnt know if anyone else had seen it or heard anything about it. Thought it was interesting none the less and couldnt imagine what shooting a 25mm cartridge would be like.

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    Default Re: Barrett 25MM sniper rifle!!!

    I hadn't (still haven't figured which channel that is since moving here . Sounds like a heck of a cannon though.
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    Default Re: Barrett 25MM sniper rifle!!!

    its channel 150 on cox digital not sure about others. but yea they only showed the rifle sittin on a bench wish they would have fired it.

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    Default Re: Barrett 25MM sniper rifle!!!

    Channel 153 on dish. That would be a hell of a cannon!

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    Default Re: Barrett 25MM sniper rifle!!!

    That would have the same amount of energy as a .223 for sure
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    Default Re: Barrett 25MM sniper rifle!!!

    50 cal is 12.7mm. So this 25mm is for arguments sake 2 times the size of a 50 cal. That's awesome, but I don't want to shoot that one. At least not from a shoulder fired weapon.

    There's a vid on youtube of a kid firing a 20mm. That's plenty enough...
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    Default Re: Barrett 25MM sniper rifle!!!

    i think the rifle you are talking about is the barrett xm109 payload rifle it fires a 25X59mm. i could be wrong i know i would hate to be the person that shoots a 25mm auto cannon round.
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    Default Re: Barrett 25MM sniper rifle!!!

    I don't know how you could hit anything at 2000m with a projectile going only 1400 fps at the muzzle. The bullet would be falling on the target. You'd be aiming hundreds of feet high.
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    Default Re: Barrett 25MM sniper rifle!!!

    Piece that big needs its own TFT...
    The 22" cannon accepted balls that weighed about 350 lb; the Mons Meg could only be fired 8-10 times a day due to the tremendous heat generated by the powder charge required.

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    Default Re: Barrett 25MM sniper rifle!!!

    IN my humble opinion, it might actually make a pretty good hog gun....
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    Default Re: Barrett 25MM sniper rifle!!!

    Might be good for shooting snakes.
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    Default Re: Barrett 25MM sniper rifle!!!

    i bet that would obliterate a hog lol. id see it more for like a rhino hunt or somethin in africa.

    And about it being able to go out to 2000 meters thats a good question. What kinda velocity does a .50 usually carry. imsure its more than 1400fps but maybe they were just making a statement as to the amount of energy that projectile is able to deliver.

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    Default Re: Barrett 25MM sniper rifle!!!

    Good lord, that thing practically fires other sniper rifles at people with the size of the round.

    Ought to make quick work of just about anything unfortunate enough to be on the business end of it. I have to say I'm curious to know what's too big for a .50 and yet too small for a friggin' artillery strike.

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    Default Re: Barrett 25MM sniper rifle!!!

    Kinda surprised at the muzzle velocity. I thought it would be higher.

    Cartridge 25 x 59 mm
    Action Semi-Automatic
    Muzzle velocity 425 m/s (1,390 ft/s)[1]
    Effective range 2,000 m (1.2 mi) [1]
    Maximum range 3,600 m (2.2 mi) [1]
    Feed system 5-round detachable box magazine

    Gotta be a pretty big arch to rain in at 2000m.
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