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    Default frankford arsenal digital powder scale
    anybody used this and what are your thoughts on it. I know there are better scales out there but I have used quite a bit of the frankford stuff from midway and so far have had good luck. I am using triple beams right now but this would speed me up alot in my rifle reloading

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    Default Re: frankford arsenal digital powder scale

    I just got started reloading last year and i too started with a beam scale. I bought the Frankford as an inexpensive start to a digital. I used it for a few months and it seemed to work just fine. It has started to lose it's calibration quite frequently. It is at the point now that I use the beam scale to double check the Frankford.. In a nutshell, I personally do not use it now as I purchased a digital from Cablela's that uses battery OR AC. Seems to be much better in my opinion. I believe it was about 75-80 dollars. In my opinion the Cabela's scale is a much better bang for the buck. Still not (according to reviews)up to the quality of an RCBS or other high end, but quite good for my needs..

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    Default Re: frankford arsenal digital powder scale

    I have one, it works ok but like Harley said it loses calibration frequently.

    Even if it didnt, I would still go to the beam as a back up.
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    Default Re: frankford arsenal digital powder scale

    I used one as primary but switched to beam ... still nice to have as a back-up/confirmation scale. I also use it to sort brass.

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    Default Re: frankford arsenal digital powder scale

    and you darn sure don't need a fan blowing or it will jump around! IMHO

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    Default Re: frankford arsenal digital powder scale

    1. give it several (on-auto off) cycles to warm up
    2. cal it
    3. by having all you weighing items ready, you can keep it busy so it doesn't shut off
    4. keep fresh batteries for when it starts acting goofy

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    Default Re: frankford arsenal digital powder scale

    You can also get check weights if you don't have them already to confirm the accuracy of the scale.
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    Default Re: frankford arsenal digital powder scale

    i use my bullets to check mine..... i think its a decent scale... works for my needs
    bang bang bang bang bang bang click (explicative) reload....

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    Default Re: frankford arsenal digital powder scale

    I bought one and ended up sending it back. As compared to my RCBS it just wasn't up to snuff. Close enough was not a good compromise on powder charges.

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