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Thread: Marlin 37 Pump

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    Default Marlin 37 Pump

    Hi again folks.

    Bet your getting tired of my questions.

    Anyway I need some advice on another old 22 I have.

    I have a rare old Marlin 37 takedown pump 22 that I took in trade years ago. It is in good shape but missing both sights and one or two internal parts. Mainly the part that works the action when you pump the slide.

    I can not decide if I should keep it and keep looking for the missing parts to get it working again, or if I should just sell it as a parts gun since I am out of room in my safe. In shooting condition these sell for around $600 and I have seen some bad shape parts guns go for $150 to $200 but never when I have the cash handy.

    Frankly I am getting frustrated trying to find the parts and the wife is a little tired of all the old guns I have around. Not to mention me spending money to fix them. I guess I am hoping for a cooler head that knows more about these old guns to give me some advice.

    Thanks folks.

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    Default Re: Marlin 37 Pump

    Try GunParts first before you decide to sell.
    It is true that 1911ís will give you GAS (Gun Acquisition Syndrome).

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    Default Re: Marlin 37 Pump

    Thanks guys. I do know about GunParts and it does look like they have some of the parts that were out of stock the last times I checked.

    I know nothing about these old pumps outside of what I have been able to dig up on the web. If I post some good pics of what I have, maybe someone can advise me on what parts are missing?

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    OK guys here is a pic of the internals. Not a great pic I know but my batteries need recharging before I can get more.

    The bolt assembly, hammer, trigger, cartridge lifter all seem to be there along with the slide extension. Can any body tell me what connects them all together?

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    Default Re: Marlin 37 Pump

    Gonna have to get some better pics.

    Should be a neat project though.

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    Default Re: Marlin 37 Pump

    Hopefully I can gt some better pics tonight but it looks like the main missing part is the locking bolt. Of course gun parts is out of those but it gives me a place to start. If nothing else I will take it to the big Tulsa show in April and see what I can find there.

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