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Thread: Monarch Ammo

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    Default Monarch Ammo

    I live in Fayetteville, AR, and I've read many things recently about Monarch Ammo at Academy Sports being extremely cheap. There are mixed reviews online, but most of them agree that for the price, the reliability isn't an issue. The closest Academy to me is in Fort Smith, so I haven't had a chance to check it out for myself, but I read that they carry 7.62x39 at around $5 for a box of twenty. Can anyone confirm or disprove this?
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    It's $5.99 for .223 in steel, so I might be $5 for 7.62 can't confirm 100% though. I've used about 600 rounds with no problems, fired 100% of the time from my Mini 14.

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    Monarch is repackaged Russian ammo. I think most of it is Barnaul ammo.

    I've run plenty of 7.62 x39 through my AK and never had a hiccup.

    I've heard some people complain that in pistol calibers it runs a little dirty, so you might not want to get for your pistols any unless your pretty religious about cleaning your gun. But for something like an AK or SKS your totally fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quick_Draw_McGraw View Post
    I've heard some people complain that in pistol calibers it runs a little dirty, .
    there are a LOT of American powders that are dirty too.
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    I have shot alot of it @ the range in handgun loads & havnt had any troubles & havnt noticed it being any dirtier than Federal or Winchester FMJ loads.

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    If you want a good deal on 7.62x39 and don't mind ordering in bulk online the last time I checked the AIM Surplus deal was pretty hard to beat.

    1,000 rounds for $219 (before shipping)

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    I shoot the Monarch 9mm ammo when the local Walmarts run out of Federal or Winchester White Box. It's definitely less "clean" that most ammo, so a good post-shooting cleaning session is definitely in order.

    All three of our pistols (Taurus PT99, Taurus PT111, HiPoint C9) chew through the box without complaint.

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    Default Re: Monarch Ammo

    Academy has some ammo prices online.

    I've got some in 7.62, thinking about trying some in 45 till the white box stops being $0.50/shell

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    Default Re: Monarch Ammo

    For me the dirty issue isn't that big a deal.
    I'm gonna clean my gun anyway.

    But I generally don't shoot a lot of store bought ammo anyway.
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