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    Default Colt Commando Spec.

    I just picked up a Colt Commando Spec. .38 in a recent trade. From what I can tell, it is a parkerized version of the Detective Special made in the mid 80s. I can't find much info on the web. Any idea of the value? Any info is appreciated.

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    Colt decided to re-use the Commando moniker (previously used for WWII revolver) for their budget priced version of the Detective Special. The Commando isn't as nicely fitted as a DS, even though the base parts are the same. It was only made '84-86. The matte parkerizing wears very quickly with handling or holster carry.
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    I think that's what I may have had, then foolishly sold. If so, it's a good snubby 38 revolver for concealed carry. The Colt trigger rubbed a blister on the bottom of my trigger finger during dry-fire, but it was still a good piece.

    Hey, you young guys, don't sell a gun unless you really hate it. I can think of a half dozen revolvers and rifles I wish I'd never sold in the past. They're gone now and all sell for much more than I sold them for. Try to hang onto the good pieces if at all possible.

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    Default Re: Colt Commando Spec.

    Would it be wise to refinish the parkerizing or to leave as is?

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    Leave as is, unless this is going to be a gun your not going to sell, and your planning on carrying.
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