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    Default Accidental Discharge Stories????

    Donít know if this has ever been covered or not? Just curious if anyone has had or would share their stories of their accidental discharge (s). Thought it might help others avoid the same mistake.

    My one and only was about 27 years ago. Newly married and my grand paw had given me his 12ga pump shotgun. I was going to show the wife how to chamber a round incase she ever needed too. Standing in the bedroom with the muzzle pointed up I racked the slide. Next thing I knew was my ears were ringing and I could smell burnt powder. I looked up and there was a nice round 2Ē hole in the ceiling sheet rock. The next thing I did was take the shotgun outside to clear the remaining rounds out of it. Then I went into the attic to see what damage I had done to the roof! I got lucky! The blast had gone into the side of a joist and did not exit the roof.

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    Default Re: Accidental Discharge Stories????

    What did the wife have to say after that?

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    Default Re: Accidental Discharge Stories????

    about 6-7 years ago i was at a range in the country with my friend, we were packing up to leave, so i removed an empty mag from my XD, pointed it at the ground to dryfire & de-cock it for storage as i usually did, and boom.

    since the mag was empty, it didnt even occur to me to press-check the slide to verify that the chamber was empty.

    my friend and myself were not pleased. lol. nice little scare. the target round just buried itself in the dirt a few feet from us.

    evern since then, i've been a super-nazi when it comes to range safety.
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    Default Re: Accidental Discharge Stories????

    I got one for you. In April 2005 I was preparing to deploy to Iraq, well the morning I was suppose to leave I got up early had a cup of coffee and was reading the paper enjoying the last free morning. The wife has a XD 9mm and asked me to show her how to disasseble it so she could clean it if she went to the range while I was gone, she brought it from the bedroom and I proceeded to disassemble said weapon assuming she dropped magazine and cleared weapon before giving me the pistol like a dumbass I didnt even check and began by locking slide to rear and flipping up slide release lever, as we all know you have to pull trigger to to get the slide to come off, well it caught the top round and BOOM it went. Story dosent end there folks, when I pulled the slide off, the meaty part of my palm was over the muzzle and a 147gr winchester ranger sxt went right through my hand almost taking of my finger, but wait the plot thickens the bullet exits my hand and hits my wife in the knee. a couple surgeries for the wife and a few stitches for myself and all is good now. It doesnt matter how many safties and loaded chamber indicators there are on a firearm if you are complacent like my wife and I were a Negligent discharge will happen. Hope everyone takes a little from this story
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    Default Re: Accidental Discharge Stories????

    Accidental Discharge: Gun fires due to mechanical failure or defect.

    Negligent Discharge: Shooter has finger on trigger and unintentionally or mistakenly pulls trigger.

    So if you had your booger hook on the bang switch and fired the gun when you should not have, don't go calling it accidental. That's negligence.
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    Default Re: Accidental Discharge Stories????

    I've never had a negligent discharge, or accidental discharge. However, I might have saved a few from having them. I worked part time at Academy Sports and Outdoors (81st St store in Tulsa) for a while right after it opened. One of the things I'd do in the mornings would be to receive new guns and get them ready for display. Wipe down the outsides, etc., and put them in the rack. I had an extra step I'd usually take. Just something I liked to do, but isn't done as store policy. I'd check over the firearm, cock it, put the safety on, and pull the trigger to make sure the safety worked. In the year and a half that I worked there, I had 3 brand new, name brand, guns go "click"! The manager had to send them back to the factory for repair.

    It was store policy that once a gun left the store, they wouldn't take it back. If someone had an issue, they had to return the gun to the factory for warranty work on their dime. So at least it saved three people from having to do that. But how many people actually check their new guns for that?

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    Default Re: Accidental Discharge Stories????

    Accidental discharge - closed the bolt on SKS and it went boom down the range - make sure that floating pin is floating.

    Negligent discharge - none.
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    Default Re: Accidental Discharge Stories????

    this is a good thread to get people to pay more attention. it makes me more cautious after reading some stories of local people

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    Default Re: Accidental Discharge Stories????

    Quote Originally Posted by kwinok View Post
    Standing in the bedroom with the muzzle pointed up I racked the slide. Next thing I knew was my ears were ringing and I could smell burnt powder.
    So what caused it to go "boom" ?

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    Default Re: Accidental Discharge Stories????

    Ive had three intentionl discharges with some one on the other end of the stick, does that count?

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    Default Re: Accidental Discharge Stories????

    I went deer hunting with a good friend of mine. As I exited his Scout and shut the door...BOOM! His 7 Mag. sent a round through the door that I just closed. I was too scared to mess my britches! Dang that was a close one. He has always ben extra careful after that to the point he quit hunting! The round made a mess of his door.
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    Default Re: Accidental Discharge Stories????

    Scary stories guys... I haven't had any AD's yet. But a guy I know shot his Vaquero .45 into the floor in his house. He was de-cocking it and his thumb slipped.

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    Default Re: Accidental Discharge Stories????

    Thats why the muzzle should ALWAYS be pointed in a safe direction.

    Knock on wood fellas. That was a CLOSE one!

    Poor door!!!
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    Default Re: Accidental Discharge Stories????

    Years ago, when I was off in Pheonix, going to Harley-Davidson service school, I had a roommate that had a SWEET 9mm Browning. He had a licence to pack it in the state of New York, but not the city of New York. He used to collect lots of cash. Pretty cool as it was the very early 1990s. I had a Hungarian, or something, .380 double action (you know the kind) that I carried open. Gotta love Arizona.

    Anyway... I was off at work one evening, and he was at our apartment with a guy in his class, showing off his fancy Browning. The guy was not familiar with guns, so Tom, did I mention his name is Tom Durkin? I'd better not. Don't want to name any names here. Anyway, Tom is showing him how to take out the magazine, make sure the chamber is clear, then points the gun in a safe direction and drops the hammer...BOOMMMM!!!! shooting our lovely Davenport sofa.

    I got home about the usual time, midnight-ish. Had that little .380 on my hip. While I was going to school, I cleaned banks at night. It was really spooky. I was sure sooner or later that some thug was gonna try to jump me to have access to the bank. Never happened. Anyway, he is still up, sitting on the couch. He tells me how ashamed he is, tells me the whole story, and that he nearly crapped in his pants.

    I couldn't believe it, but at the same time, I couldn't help but laugh uncontrolably. Maybe it was his thick, New York accent. Maybe it was the way he layered every sentence with colorful profanity. Mostly I think it was that at that very moment, I had just come up with his new nickname... Tom "Davenport" Durkin. Later on I got to shoot the couch, but unlike Davenport, it was intentional. We were wild then. Ah, good times...

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    Default Re: Accidental Discharge Stories????

    mine was a nd. was trying to get this derringer in the holster and I dropped it. fell hammer down and it was a loud bang, 38spl. missed me by inches and shot the xmas tree in the attic. my wife needless to say po'd. just dumb on my part.

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