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    Default hand gun prices coming down?

    Is it just me or does it seem that handgun (don't know about rifle) prices have started to come down a bit the last couple of months?

    I think I'm seeing asking prices in the classifieds here are down around 10%. In some of the retail shops I have noticed on some makes that prices aren't what they were 3 months ago. This may be a seasonal thing but I don't know that.

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    Default Re: hand gun prices coming down?

    I don't know, but after the Greece and Portugal bailouts, the Euro is likely to tank relative to the dollar within a year, and therefore were gonna see some good prices on CZs, HKs, etc. (Glocks too if you like them). I can't wait.

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    Default Re: hand gun prices coming down?

    I don't think they'll go back to pre-scare prices, but many are coming back down to where they are reasonable again.
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    Default Re: hand gun prices coming down?

    You wouldn't know it in the classifieds here! These fellas are proud of their used guns. Deals are out there if you shop though. Feedback

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    Default Re: hand gun prices coming down?

    higgimw is right "if you shop for them"...

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    Default Re: hand gun prices coming down?

    New handguns may be more reasonable right now after everybody ordered big during the Great Post Election Rush of '08 & '09. By the time it all showed up, the panic was over.

    As for used, some folks who bought during the above mentioned event very likely paid too much and are trying not to sell at a loss. I can't say I blame them, but they might have to sit on some of these guns a while.

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    Default Re: hand gun prices coming down?

    I haven't noticed any price reductions lately.

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    Default Re: hand gun prices coming down?

    They should go down a little. After your 1st one, guns are a sort of luxury item. With the economy in the tank, everyone has to make concessions in one form or another.

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    Default Re: hand gun prices coming down?

    I haven't noticed them going down.....

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    Default Re: hand gun prices coming down?

    i have noticed a little redustion in stores, not private though..... i got a better deal locally on a xd9 subcompact new than i could get one in the classifieds... but oh well atleast i know its new, mine and clean and at $504.52 out the door with 100rds of ammo its not a bad deal. the rockisland commands model 1911 is next a $532!

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    Default Re: hand gun prices coming down?

    I went to the show this past weekend in Tulsa (Bixby) and it did seem that the prices were a little more reasonable. I'm always amused at the folks that want more for their used piece than a real store wants for a new one.

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