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    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum but have been reading for a couple weeks now. I have really enjoyed your posts. I grew up in Enid but have lived in east Texas since 2004. I am planning on bringing my wife up for a turkey hunt be we may end up on public land. I was thinking about going to packsaddle and was wondering if anyone had any advice on where to start looking or if we would be better off going to black kettle and if so what are some good units. Any help would be appreciated as I really want to put my wife on her first gobbler.

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    I think this is the last weekend in Oklahoma.
    I think Black Kettle would be heavily pressured by now. Been a lot of out of state hunters there.
    I don't know about Pack Saddle, always hunted east of there.

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    I was in Cheyenne last weekend hunting and there was quite a few hunters at the motel we stayed in.. we never hunted black kettle.. My brother talked to a few guys that had been seeing some on Packsaddle.. Some friends of mine hunted black kettle 2 weekends ago and saw a lot of birds, but couldn't do anything with them.. henned up and wouldn't respond to calls..

    If it were me I'd locate some on the roost and set up as close as possible, put out decoys and do some soft calling..if that dont work, Then come back in the evening if you haven't spooked them and set up in the same area.. it may take a day to figure them out, but just get in between them and wherever they're wanting to go.. good luck!

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    Thanks. I was planning on going to bk but I thought that maybe packsaddle would have had less pressure. I'm hoping a lot of hunters have finished by now and there won't be as many out this last week.

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    I hunted both a few weeks ago and shot a jake at packsaddle. Take the highway north out of cheyenne, cross river then take right at packsaddle sign. There is an area on north side of road that had quite a few birds on it. Its about a mile down and has a windmill on it.

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