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Thread: Sig 556 Rifle

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    Default Sig 556 Rifle

    Anyone have one of these? CDNN is selling them for a good price, BUT you get a Sig 522 rifle for free with the purchase of the 556. So, I was going to sell my Smith 29-3 anyways and get another conceal carry but now I think I will put that towards one of these Sig combos. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with it. Only Sig I have is one of there 1911 and it is excellent.

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    They are awesome! That is also a great deal. I've shot my brothers Sig 556 many times and I've had half a mind to try and trade into one myself. If you do some searching you'll be hard pressed to find a bad review on the 556. I cant speak on behalf of the 522 but I've yet to have a bad Sig experience.

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    That sounds like a pretty sweet deal...the 556 is a badass rifle
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    I bought the "1 of 2000" set about 5 weeks ago. I shot the 522 about 100 rds. I've only put 31 rds through the 556. It is a well built gun at a good price. Is it worlds better than a good AR? To some yes. I have though about trading the 556 for a Para Target Tactical but, I should give it time to grow on me. I like the 1 in 7 twist of the Sig but, I like the lighter weight and parts availablity of the Para. Profreedomokie

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    Default Re: Sig 556 Rifle

    I saw this thread and downloaded the CDNN catalog only to find the 556's prices "POR". Anyone care to share the prices so I won't have to call?

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    Default Re: Sig 556 Rifle

    The one I called about was 14 something. And from looking around most 522's sell between 425 and 495

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    Default Re: Sig 556 Rifle

    I have a 522. They are awesome little plinkers. I say go for the deal!
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    Default Re: Sig 556 Rifle

    You cannot go wrong with a Sig 556. I am not a Sig Dealer. I have the rifle, I have the pistol, I like both. Gas piston, great well constructed weapon. Thank you, Eugene Stoner.
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    Default Re: Sig 556 Rifle

    That's pretty sweet - how much for both a 556 and a 522 from CDNN?

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    Default Re: Sig 556 Rifle

    You buy the Sig 556 for 1400 something and you get a Sig 522 for free. I haven't gotten my order in yet, but I am really considering it. Supposed to be good for another week or two.

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