1. Revolvers4Life

    BVAC Ammo

    Anyone have any experience with BVAC (bitterroot valley ammunition company)? Bought out a collection and now have a LOT of 500 rounds cases of it in 10mm. Googled it and looks like it might be related to Armscor, lots of threads about their 10mm being very hot loads. Good stuff or should I...
  2. tou860

    Armscor Rock Island M1911A2 Model 59002 10mm

    Any opinions on this 1911? I have been a Glock fan boy but when I saw this particular gun in 10mm and 16 round capacity, I was astonished. Supposedly Armscor Rock Island has "tamed the beast", where the recoil similar like to a 9mm but more snappy of course, supposedly. Price tag I think is...
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