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    New .22 silencers are in!

    Check out these two new cans I have in stock! The cool purple is a CGS Hydra, priced at $380 The silver is a titanium EA NyxMod2, priced at $415. It weighs a quarter of a pound. Yes, you read correctly. 4 oz. I can do all efiling and fingerprints and photos right here- no need to go see the...
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    Lowers, ammo and silencers for sale

    I have good amount of billet lowers for sale at $100/each. Also received 2,000 rounds of 5.45x39 Wolf 60gr FMJ. Priced at $.45/round. Finally it’s silencer time- Rex Silentium .22 silencers are $300. I do all paperwork for you. NO CHARGE FOR STORAGE, PAPERWORK OR TRANSFER. Ask about...
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