“Biden stimulus checks spark historic surge in gun sales, especially AR-15s”


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Mar 1, 2021
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For the second time in three months, the FBI broke its record for gun sales, concealed carry, and other firearms background checks in March.
Gun sellers have said that President Joe Biden’s threat to use executive action to expand background check requirements and possibly ban the sale of semi-automatic firearms like the popular AR-15 is driving sales. House and Senate Democrats are also pushing anti-gun legislation, especially in the wake of two mass shootings last month.

The industry knows the drill, tragedy happens and government proposes a ban or restriction that would not have prevented it. People also recognize that it is harder to get rid of things that are already owned, so their is that factor driving sales too. 2020 was also an illustrative year of the limitations government realistically has on responding and preventing violent crimes, protecting people during civil unrest, and responding to crime during a pandemic.

By the trackable data, so called “mass shootings” went up by 44%.
The part they don’t tell you is that number of unknown perpetrators in those shootings went up by 88%. Not only was 2020 a violent year, it had an abysmal rate of crimes solved. So is it any wonder firearms are in demand? The unsolved shooting rate jumped up, along with other violent offense against persons and property, and people feel vulnerable.
There are obvious factors at play here: Biden’s gun rhetoric being No. 1, as well as two mass shootings that were heavily covered in the media. However, we also saw a lot of transactions of around $1,400 starting on March 17, so it appears many people are using their stimulus money to buy guns


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Jun 4, 2009
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I had to add $25 of MY OWN MONEY to the $1,400 Biden Stimulus deposit to buy my beautifully engraved and with gold plated parts Walther PPK/S. Thanks Uncle Pervy!

You are lucky, Sir. Wife bought me to "accessories" for "shooting" in the form of two Nikkor lenses. Unfortunately, our stimulus checks WON'T cover the costs of them.

But hey, it's all good as far as I'm concerned.
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