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“I’m in Trouble!” Biden Panics at Not Being Able to Find His Mask


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Mar 1, 2021
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Joe Biden was caught in yet another embarrassing public gaffe as he panicked about losing his face mask during a speech to supporters in Georgia.

Biden was seen wearing his mask before he delivered the remarks but maybe should have kept it on given that he coughed and spluttered at several moments throughout his 20 minute address.
When Biden invited Democrat Sens. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to join him on stage, the first lady pointed at her own mask in an effort to remind Biden to put his back on.
However, this didn’t happen because Biden spent the next minute fumbling around trying to find the object without success, repeatedly flipping through a folder of notes to no avail.

“I’m looking for my mask. I’m in trouble,” Biden said to the crowd as a staffer got on stage to give him one while Warnock and Ossoff tried to distract the crowd.
Biden finally found his own mask in his pocket, having previously failed to check what would have been the obvious place to look, before continuing with the event.

Despite the fact that the CDC updated its advice to say that vaccinated Americans don’t need to wear masks outdoors, Biden’s entire team is still doing so, once again underscoring how the face covering is purely a political symbol.
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