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Apr 11, 2019
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El Reno
I started with a Kimber gov’t. Was disappointed. Dropped major $ to make it into an interesting gun. (Accurate) had 5k in it. Gave it to a friend, had my gunsmith, (Dr Greyson) build me a Caspian frame and slide, accu-railed, barsto barrel, match guts, hard chromed, runs and groups like a champ, and it’s a beauty. Cost under what I spent on the Kimber. Wish I had done that first. Got to choose every single part, every single tweek, got a much better result, for less money and no frustration.
Yeah with 1911s, and a lot other handguns too, ive come across some expensive disappointments and some cheap gems. I think that nearly every 1911 can be improved/fixed I just by correctly diagnosing the problem. Most of the time, it’s either the magazine, the extractor, the springs are out of sync with each other.

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