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North East OK 1964 Colt SA Frontier Scout 22 Magnum


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Dec 9, 2021
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Tulsa, OK
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22 Magnum
Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States
1964 Colt SAA Frontier Scout in 22 Magnum. It is my understanding this is the first year these were made. I am supposed to be the second owner, When I bought it the cylinder had zero turn marks. I have shot four boxes of ammo in a decade or so, there are some turn marks in the cylinder. I have the presentation box (supposedly the original one) and four boxes of ammo to go with it.

Yes, these are the original, correct grips for this model and date of manufacture. 3XXX K prefix.

I can shoot very well with it at 15 yards.

The pistol stayed in the presentation box for about 45 years. When viewed closely you will see the marks created from sitting in a presentation box.

The gun left the factory with the barrel set about two degrees, approximately, clockwise to the chamber. No issues with shooting but the sight is a bit to the right and the rod travel has a slight catch though it does work at ejecting spent shells. Colt told me they would correct however they would return with full updated modern safety. No go for me. Not something one normally sees in what was considered a nice production piece.

I need money more than a trade. Face to face only, cash. Must show an OK driver’s license and be a person who can legally purchase such an item. I am not keeping personal information, just want to ensure you are an Oklahoma Resident.

I am south and east of Tulsa.


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