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North East OK 2006 Scion xB, RS 4.0, 5-spd (Hurt Motor)

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Sep 13, 2015
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N.E. Oklahoma
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Owasso, Oklahoma, United States
2006 Scion xB Release Series 4.0
Torched Penny
Mileage 204,xxx
A/C works
Battery not taking a charge, didn't survive the winter.
Was able to jump it, to spin it over.

My daily driver until early last year. Tossed the belt on the hwy and it got too hot. I really like this car and just had it towed home, before deciding what I was going to do. If I had the time/space, I'd get it back on the road or part it out.

Offered up as a mechanics special. Turns over, but not starting. It tries, but only kind of sputters. Did I mention it got hot.

I'm not sure what it's worth hurt, but it's in really good condition. No rips/tears in interior. Exterior only a few bumps/bruises.


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