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.22 pistol/revolver.. your most accurate

Discussion in 'Rimfire Weapons' started by swampratt, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. adamsredlines

    adamsredlines Sharpshooter

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    Mar 8, 2016
    I only ever shoot my Buckmark for rimfire pistols...I've never shot for groups but it makes me look good on the steels...plinks at the river like its nobodies business and it just all around fun.
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  2. D V US

    D V US Sharpshooter

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    Jul 29, 2014
    I did a comparison on several pistols a couple of months back to find out which one was the most accurate with bulk Federal Champion ammo. The guns were;
    High Standard Victor
    High Standard Citation
    S & W 41
    S & W 17 K22 Masterpiece
    S & W 18 K22 Combat Masterpiece
    Ruger MK lll Target w/ Volquartsen trigger kit
    High Standard Double-Nine
    Taurus 94 3"
    To keep it short, I shot ten 5 shot groups with each at 20 yards from a solid rest. They ranked like this;
    1st. High Standards Victor and Citation, S&W 41 and (most surprisingly) Ruger MK. lll all pretty much tied for first place. All shot under 1" groups and all had some approaching 1/2".
    2nd S&W 17 w/ all groups right around an inch.
    3rd S&W 18 w/ groups around 2"
    4th High Standard Double-Nine 3-3 1/2" groups
    The Taurus got put back in the range bag after two groups around 9 inches.
    I feel that the short sight radius on the S&W 18 played a big part in it's larger group size over the 17, and I'm certain that the coarse sights on the HS Double 9 were it's major detraction.
    I was surprised by the Rugers performance because I've owned probably a dozen over the years and none of them could touch my High Standards...until this one. Goes to show what a great trigger can do for you.
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